80 years of sealing: An evolving company is always one step ahead of its time

The third generation took the helm of our family business as Aleksi Arpiainen assumed the role of CEO during a period of intense globalization. Already a cornerstone of our business, exports became even more crucial. TT Gaskets now serves around forty export countries, a number expected to continue growing. Robotics and information technology are advancing and have a profound impact on both our production and product range.

Aleksi Arpiainen

The future brings inevitable changes that cannot be faced empty-handed. Our machinery investments are guided by the objective of cutting gaskets even faster, more precisely, and safely. Our new 3,000-square-meter extension with solar panels has made production even more modern, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Over the years, TT Gaskets’ workforce has grown to include 90 employees and office staff. The evolving needs of our employees have also been considered: workspaces have been expanded and developed towards a more collaborative direction. Ensuring the availability of future experts has been secured through collaboration with vocational educational institutions.

The TT Gaskets’ solar power plant expansion was finished in August 2022. Image: Solnet

High-quality education supports a strong industry

CEO Aleksi Arpiainen believes Tampere is still a fitting home for TT Gaskets. The city serves as a hub for the entire Finland, offering excellent connections throughout the country and to the company’s customers in 40 different countries.

TT Gaskets has had the privilege of being a part of Tampere’s unparalleled industrial history. Simultaneously, we humbly rejoice in the opportunity to contribute to building an even more responsible and environmentally friendly future for Tampere, as well as a prosperous and dynamic region.

Tampere’s diverse range of vocational and higher education offerings effectively caters to the multifaceted industrial landscape. By ensuring that future industrial needs are even better anticipated and integrated into vocational and higher education programs, the local industrial sector will continue to benefit from outstanding workforce, allowing the entire Pirkanmaa region to further develop through intelligent solutions.

Smart gaskets for future needs

Technological advancements have enabled new innovations, such as our shutdown services, where a gasket factory can be easily relocated with its tools and inventory close to the installation site. Additionally, our new intelligent gaskets notify the need for replacement on their own through built-in smart features.

Alongside technological advancements, our customer relationships are deepening as well. Products are now designed collaboratively with customers from start to finish. By assisting our customers, we can stay one step ahead of competitors, as the success of our company is intertwined with our customers’ success. The vigilance and initiative that have been integral since our founder Sulo Arpiainen’s times remain valuable traits even today. Our antennae are always tuned in, ensuring that we can operate correctly at the right moment.

Our future goal is to evolve from a leading Nordic gasket manufacturer to becoming the leading independent supplier of sealing products and services in Europe. We aspire to remain a sought-after partner for product development for customers around the world. Production and operational methods have always been strategic choices. The same principles in company leadership persist through time and generations: high-quality products, confidence in our expertise, and production flexibility as significant competitive advantages.

The demand for gaskets shows no signs of waning. Separate flat gaskets still possess unmatched advantages and characteristics. Just as a precisely manufactured flat gasket from the right material retains its value, we too intend to maintain our position at the forefront of the industry.

Our freshly redesigned shutdown service containers meet the process industry sealing needs on-site and quickly during various production shutdowns.

Source: Kalle Mäkelä. Tiiviisti ajassaan – Tampereen Tiivisteteollisuus Oy 1943–2018.