Flange Gasket Assembly Training In Co-operation With Tampere Adult Education Centre (TAKK)

We offer an EN 1591-4 certified Flange Gasket Assembly training program together with Tampere Adult Education Centre (TAKK). This training program enables you and your employees to become EN 1591-4 certified, qualified flange gasket assemblers.

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The benefits of the Flange Gasket Assembly Training Program

The Improved Work Safety And Quality Ensures A Competetive Edge Your Clients Will Appreciate

The added benefit of certified and qualified assemblers can be priceless to your company. Improving the quality and safety of the assembly process among other things.

The training program consists of remote education, practical training, and a final exam. The training is in Finnish.

You can read more and apply at the Tampere Adult Education Centre (TAKK) website (in Finnish only).