Gaskets With Metal Eyelets

Gaskets with metal eyelets have an excellent pressure and pressure surge resistance. They are well suitable for sites where flowing medium is straining the basic gasket materials.

Applications for gaskets with metal eyelets include, for example, steam pipes of the process industry or sodium hydroxide filled piping in pulp mills. There are also multiple sealing needs for gaskets with metal eyelets in the petrochemical industry.

In many use cases the sealing and the gasket pressure resistance can be improved with gaskets with metal eyelets. They are designed to protect the gasket material from getting in direct contact with the medium and to prevent the small molecule gasses to infiltrate through the gasket.

The most typical gaskets with metal eyelets are manufactured from stainless or acid-enduring steel qualities where the basic ingredient is graphite. Gaskets with metal eyelets can be made custom or according to standards to meet the customers needs. 

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