Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

Due to the materials handled in the chemical and petrochemical industry, it’s particularly important to select exactly the right sealing solution. We are here to help you.

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Chemical And Petrochemical Industry

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We take our customers’ health and safety issues seriously, therefore our personnel is trained, for example, in hot works and safety.

We have designed and manufactured everything from simple flange gaskets to the most demanding sealing constructions for chemical and petrochemical applications for our customers around the world.

Products we supply for this industry, for example:
Flange GasketsGasket Manufacturing Based on Customer Drawings Or ModelsGaskets with Metal EyeletsSpiral-wound GasketsCamprofile Gaskets,  Metal-jacketed GasketsCorrugated Semi-metallic GasketsEnvelope GasketsShimsPackingsSeal kits