Your Insulation and Soundproofing Problems Answered. Right Here.

Whether you need thermal, electrical, or sound insulation, we’ve got the right solution for you.

Everything from insulating products for electrical or equipment racks to dampening and insulating mats for the automotive industry. Simply provide your dimensions or drawings to us and we’ll cut the materials accordingly.

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Tailor-made solutions for your application

Our manufacturing range includes, for example, vehicle bonnet insulators, housings, and insulating products for electrical or equipment racks.

We have extensive experience with the cutting and handling of insulation materials.

The insulation is cut using a water jet according to the dimensions or drawings you provide, with a first-class result guaranteed thanks to our expertise and skill.

We can also deliver prototype series cost-efficiently on a tight schedule, with the flexibility to make any necessary changes.

The requirements and material choices for insulations depend greatly on the application. Whether it is vehicles, ventilation, or anything else, we always have a functional solution for you.

Many of our materials in stock meet the FMVSS 302 -standard required for the passenger space of motor vehicles. If necessary, you can also get soundproofing from us with markings to make the installation easier.



We are always looking for the most cost-efficient solution for our customers. The Short answer is, yes.

We can apply an adhesive on either one or both sides of the material.

In some cases, the most cost-efficient way is to use materials that have a ready-made adhesive surface. Sometimes it is practical and cost-efficient to add an adhesive at our own facilities.

Our machine park has been invented to provide versatile products and services.

Just as an example the smallest electrical insulators are made of 0,1mm Mylar and their outer dimensions are barely 10mm.

On the other hand, the biggest thermal insulators are 100mm in thickness and as big as you can get from a sheet.

Some of our insulating sheet materials are up to 4400mm long and 1500mm wide.

Mass transportation is one of our strongly growing industries. In mass transportation, the question is often about fire-tested materials.

In this highly regulated industry, we all just must be sure that in case of fire, the toxicity of the combustion gases is within acceptable limits, and that our materials won’t spread the fire.

Several of our stock materials are EN 45545-2 railway class materials.

We have rubber-based materials specifically designed for vibration damping.

Depending on the application, you can choose from the very highest quality to lower cost damping materials.

Our versatile machine park can also provide layered dampers for our customers. As an example, we can combine soft rubber parts with rigid metal. Parts will be laser and waterjet cut with the highest dimensional accuracy.   

Example Use Cases


Today’s forklifts are not so noisy as they used to be. Most of them have changed from the combustion engine to the electric power source.

Still, the surroundings they work in are very loud and action-packed.

The forklift operator needs a comfortable and quiet space to safely work in this hectic environment without too much distractions.

In cooperation with our soundproof specialists, we’ve made many customers happy with accurate and specifically custom-designed sound insulations for forklifts.

Industrial air cooling and heating

TT Gaskets has been helping customers for decades with heat and noise insulation issues.

We all know air cooling and heating equipment can cause a lot of heat and annoying noise.

With the correct insulators, they can be made comfortably quiet and cool. We are not only making customers’ life more comfortable but also saving energy.

By choosing an appropriate first-class insulator together with TT Gaskets also the earth will thank you.

Cruise vessel

Did you know that the biggest and most beautiful ocean liners in the world would have an awful resonating sound without high-quality vibration-damping?

We have plenty of vibration damping materials in stock and we are at your service to provide support when needed.

As an innovative partner to our customers, we are also happy to discuss different solutions outside of the box.