Pressed Metal Gaskets

Sometimes equipment manufacturers face challenging sealing situations when a high temperature and / or chemically aggressive operating environment requires a thin, yet tight, seal to withstand the high mechanical stress.

In these cases rubber coated metal gaskets cannot be used. To answer the challenges, we manufacture gaskets from pure metal (stainless spring steel, for example) according to our customers’ needs.

Our pressed metal gaskets are always custom made according to our customers’ needs—beaded or embossed, we got you covered.

The material is carefully selected according to the chemical resistance and temperature requirements of the application.

When weighing, we take the surface pressure of the seal into consideration, which, in these cases is often very unstable.

We can manufacture the metal profile in many different weighing profiles to meet the demands of very specific sealing demands. The need of a profile can also be two-sided. In those cases the gasket is made by welding multi-layered components together.

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