Our pressed metal gaskets are always custom made according to our customers’ needs

Pressed Metal Gaskets

Occasionally equipment manufacturers face challenging sealing situations when a high temperature and / or chemically aggressive operating environment requires a thin, yet tight, seal to withstand the high mechanical stress.

In these cases, rubber coated metal gaskets cannot be used. To answer the challenges, we manufacture gaskets from pure metal (e.g. stainless spring steel) fully customized according to your needs.


Pressed Metal Gaskets

We always aim to find the best possible solution for you. In this case, it means we are capable to design the right geometry and manufacture fully customized pressed metal gaskets.

Choosing the right material is key like always, but the most common and effective materials are stainless steel in grades AISI 304, AISI 316, AISI 301.

Proper installation to achieve the efficient surface stress is extremely important.

Use Case Examples

Pressed metal gaskets are used in challenging applications, as in exhaust manifolds.