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There’s nothing tougher than a tank, right? Well, that’s where we got started – supplying head gaskets for tank engines. So when you need a sealing solution that’s going to stand up to whatever you throw at it, look no further. The same goes to our services.


Temperature, mechanical stress, medias, vibration… No parameter is new to us.

We started our sealing journey back in 1943 as a military supplier of products that did not exist in Finland. All this, during times when there was no time to lose.

This same passion for innovation is still encoded in our DNA. It has made us a trusted partner for many of our international OEM customers. We constantly innovate and manufacture new prototype series’ and improve the existing models in order to avoid leaks or to find more cost effective solutions.

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Sealing Training & Consultation

Best practices at your fingertips

Are your assemblers working with the latest safety guidelines and other practices when installing gaskets and seals? We’ll use our decades of experience of different materials and the knowledge of the most common mistakes to work in your benefit.

Professional assembly is your best insurance against possible leakages or emissions, the loss of performance or in the worst case scenario, human injuries. We offer our sealing training as a general course or as a tailored training program to fit the needs of your application.

Our technical experts can also perform in-depth technical consultation when you are, for example, trying to minimize omissions. Increase safety in your flange connections through our improved gasket design, materials and gasket technology.

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Gasket Standards

Safety. Sustainability. Savings. All packaged together

We’ve helped multiple global OEM customers to review their materials and gasket types they’ve had in use for years, sometimes even for decades.

By letting us work with your gasket standards, you’ll become part of our pleased customer network who we deliver savings, components complying with the latest environmental regulations and the latest gasketing technology to.

We make your systems safer to operate.

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Gasket Re-engineering

No drawings required

Our state-of-the-art measuring devices ensure top of the line quality assurance to our products for your benefit. These devices assure that we can make drawings of the highest accuracy even from your challenging and sometimes old gasket designs within seconds.

Join the future and let us help you ease your purchasing process and lighten the burden on your engineering department.

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Mobile Gasket Factory

Peace of mind guaranteed  

Time is money during large process industry shutdowns. For example in steel mills, paper-and pulp mills and especially in oil refineries.

In the more conventional model, gasket and sealing needs are satisfied by first spotting the need in the field. Then informing the purchasing or project department to make the order after a quotation round.

In our mobile gasket factory, we can produce and furnish most of the flat gasket needs directly by recording the needs of the customer’s service technicians on your site. Our mobile manufacturing unit is equipped by the latest and nimble working tools together with seasoned gasket manufacturing and technical experts.

After the shutdown, we will also provide you with a summary of used components to help you better prepare for the next one. 

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Buying made ultra easy

Over the course of the past decades, we have created several EDI-connections with our bigger clients in order to enable smooth and automated data transfer of orders, order confirmations and shipping documents.

By using EDI we’ll minimize the human errors and maximize the easiness and automation of information flow. Companies with several geographical sites and multiple order lines benefit the most of these systems.

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Optimization at its peak

Well-functioning stock management is key for optimizing working capital. To help you to make this work, we have created a logistical service to review your gasket, shim or insulation components in stock, plan the replenishment intervals and the optimal quantities. We then read the stock levels with our hand-held devices and ensure on-time delivery of goods letting you to focus on more value-adding services.

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