TTG Smart Tracking – Easily Track The Authenticity and The Whereabouts of Your Spare Parts Worldwide

Is Spare Parts Sales an important part of your business? Are you worried about fake parts using your name or would you like to make sure your products end up in the right hands?

With TTG Smart Tracking, you can verify the authenticity of your spare parts and track their location worldwide.

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How does TTG Smart Tracking work?

Easy and intelligent product tracking with a unique identifier

We have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to identify and track the authenticity of your spare parts. Based on the unique identifier in the spare parts packaging, your customer can also verify the authenticity of the spare part. Easily.

The webpage that opens from the tag makes it easy to add additional product information, such as installation instructions or contact information for additional orders.

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TTG Smart Tracking – The Story Behind The Service

Solving our customer’s problem inspired us to develop the TTG Smart Gasket service

The idea to develop a smart gasket tracking service came from the challenges experienced by a large domestic industrial company working in the design and implementation of maintenance. Replacing tens of thousands of gaskets in a couple of months caused unnecessary headaches for different parties. Documentation done on paper and checking items with flashlights is not very modern anymore, so something had to be done.

At TT Gaskets, we decided to take up this challenge as well and to develop a solution especially for the maintenance needs of the process industry. Gaskets with a unique and remotely readable identifier can also be identified even after they’ve been installed between the flanges. There is no longer a need to second-guess using a flashlight whether the correct seal is certainly installed. Maintenance documentation is also easier to digitize when each seal is identified by a tag that contains the gasket information.

Tags can also be used to make inventory management easier and faster. TT Gaskets offers a storage container service, where we can have a sea container with the desired gaskets delivered to our customer. The container service can be used, for example, during maintenance or all year round for different needs. It is possible to monitor the balance of a self-service storage container in real-time without the need for paper documentation. If necessary, it is possible to get the container occupied, in which case expert service is available as needed.

However, TTG Smart Gasket product development work has not stopped here. The next goal, which is already close to being realized, is to develop a sensor that monitors the success of the installation. The sensor provides the installer or site inspector with reliable information on the adequate compression of the seal. The mere click of a torque wrench does not tell whether the force has been applied to the seal correctly.

In the future, the TTG Smart Gasket will be harnessed for continuous condition monitoring of gaskets as part of intelligent predictive maintenance. The gaskets can be joined as part of an existing or under construction IoT network, forming the Internet of Gaskets (IoG) network, creating truly smarter seals for a safer tomorrow.