Premium Fast Track Service for Selected Products.

With our Fast Track Service, you can get selected products manufactured, and shipped to you within 24 hours from confirmed order.

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How Does It Work?

TT Gaskets Fast Track Service is designed to be as easy as possible for you. Just send your order in, wait for the confirmation, and we’ll handle the rest. Your order will be shipped within 24 hours from the confirmed order.


Send your order to:
We’ll confirm your order.


After an order confirmation, we’ll nest, and collect the material from our warehouse.


Then, we’ll manufacture your product by knife-cutting, and thoroughly inspect your product in our quality-control unit.


After quality-control, we’ll pack and ship the finished product to you. All within 24 hours from a confirmed order.

Fast Track Service

What Products Can You Order?

Our Fast Track Service is suitable for all flat products made from soft materials.

Product Dimensions

Main product dimensions per piece = 1000mm X 1000mm.

Need larger products than 1000mm X 1000mm? No worries, we can cut and deliver them to you in segments.

Fast Track Service Customer Success Stories

Our Fast Track Service has been well received by our customers. Below you can read some of our Fast Track Service customer success stories.

We provide gaskets and solutions for the metal industry. TT Gaskets.

Fast Track Success Stories – Finland

Steel industry

One morning at 8 am we got a call from one of our customers operating in the steel industry. They had an urgent need for a specific gasket.

Our customer’s situation did not allow them wait the gaskets with standard delivery times, as this would result in significant loss of their time and money.

In this situation our premium Fast Track Service got them covered. And because we promise not to waste any time, a taxi car picked up the gaskets from our factory and delivered the finished order to our customer’s door.

The whole case was successfully solved within 5 hours; from the call we received, to a proposal, to manufacturing the product, to picking up the shipment in our factory, and delivering it straight to our customer.

Fast Track Success Stories – Finland

OEM manufacturer

One afternoon we got contacted by one of our OEM manufacturer customers at 3 pm with their urgent need of gaskets. The situation was serious, and the customer couldn’t afford to wait and go through the usual process with standard lead time. The losses of time and money would have been substantial without our help.

We were glad we could give a hand, and solve the situation with our Fast Track Service.

In this case, the desired gaskets left our factory already the next morning at 8 am by taxi car.

Fast Track Success Stories – Finland

Pulp and paper industry

At the beginning of this year around lunchtime, we got a call from one of our customers in the pulp and paper industry.

The customer was in a deeply desperate situation. A real threat of shutting down their whole factory was at stake, due to two missing gaskets.

This would have had far-reaching consequences for the future operation of their entire factory, and unimaginable loss of money. We appreciate that the customer turned to us with great confidence that we could help them.

Our Fast Track Service is designed to cover you in urgent situations in which you cannot afford to wait for the delivery of products in standard lead times. We guarantee you shipping the gaskets within 24 hours from our factory.

As this case was highlighted with the highest priority, two extremely needed gaskets left our premises in 15 minutes after the customer’s order confirmation.

We were extraordinarily happy to cooperate with the customer, and do our best, be exceptionally fast, and helpful in resolving this critical situation.

In the end, thanks to our Fast Track Service, it was possible to prevent and avoid the entire factory from the shutdown.

With all humility, we can call this as one of our greatest Fast Track Service success stories so far.

Fast Track Success Stories – Sweden

HVAC industry – missing parts in project assemblies

In bigger project assemblies, purchasing has an extensive and time-limited work in gathering all needed components to the right price and delivery time, to keep the project budget and the agreed shipment date to the end customer.

In such a project, our customer within the HVAC industry discovered an EPDM gasket was missing at the point of assembly and the shipment to end-user was at risk of being delayed. What to do to avoid expensive penalty fees?

As a solution, the customer chose to use Fast Track service. Our premium Fast Track service guarantees that the selected products are manufactured and shipped to you within 24 hours from confirmed order. In this case, the order was placed at 2:40 pm and the parts were ready for shipment in less than one hour.

The whole order was shipped at 3:20 pm the same day. The order was delivered the next day to Söderköping in Sweden.

Gaskets and other sealing solutions for the HVAC systems and industry.

Gaskets and other solutions for the Mining and Minerals industry

Fast Track Success Stories – Sweden

Mining industry subcontractor – empty stock

Reorganizing and relocation of a warehouse includes a lot of work steps and communication. Information regarding inventory stock levels are easily missed or misplaced.

Our customer, a subcontractor to major companies within the mining industry, had done just that and suddenly needed 200 NBR rubber-gaskets for an assembly job. The stock turned out to be empty.

What to do?  

The solution was to use our Fast Track Service. Our premium Fast Track Service assures shipping needed gaskets within 24 hours.

As we know how important it is not to waste any time, so the gaskets were delivered from our factory in Tampere to Smedjebacken in Sweden within a day.