Your Privacy Is Important To Us

Your privacy is important to Tampereen Tiivisteteollisuus Oy (hereafter TT Gaskets). TT Gaskets only collects, processes, or discloses personal data necessary for the purposes stated in this Policy, and TT Gaskets only retains personal data for as long as is necessary to fulfill those purposes.

This Privacy Policy, hereinafter “Policy”, discloses the information practices for this TT Gaskets’ website, hereinafter (“Site”), including what type of information is collected and tracked, how it is used, and with whom it is shared. TT Gaskets collects and processes your personal data in accordance with applicable laws and this Policy.


Applicability of Policy

If you click on a link on this Site that takes you to another site, please read that site’s privacy policy and site terms or legal policy to make sure that you understand and agree with the terms applicable to your visit of the linked site.

Types of personal data TT Gaskets processes

TT Gaskets collects and processes personal data on the contact persons of TT Gaskets’ clients. Personal data is collected from the use of this Site or directly from you through the registration process. The personal data collected and processed by TT Gaskets may include:

  • Contact details (e.g. name, email address, phone number);
  • TT Gaskets may also receive personal data (including e.g. name and email) from marketing registers provided to TT Gaskets by third parties.

Purposes of collection and processing of personal data

TT Gaskets collects and processes personal data for the following purposes:

  • contacting customers
  • marketing of TT Gaskets’ products and services (including targeted email marketing and personal sales calls)
  • collecting and handling feedback
  • submitting requested information
  • providing better user experience (including optimizing and personalizing TT Gaskets’ websites)
  • providing the products or services inquired or ordered from TT Gaskets.

Collection and processing of personal data is based on the legitimate interest of TT Gaskets to process the data due to you being the contact person of TT Gaskets’ client company.

Visitor identification

This Site can be used for informational purposes without informing TT Gaskets of your identity and without providing TT Gaskets any personal data.

However, TT Gaskets uses “cookies” to recognize a returning visitor as a unique user. Cookies are pieces of data stored on your computer’s hard drive, and not on this Site. Cookies themselves do not contain any personal data. The cookies placed by the TT Gaskets server or third-party service providers are readable only by TT Gaskets, and cookies cannot access, read, or modify any other data on a computer. By showing how and when our visitors use this Site or other TT Gasket sites, TT Gaskets can continue improving them. If you do not wish to receive cookies, or want to be notified when they are placed, you may set your web browser to do so if your browser permits. If you refuse the cookies, TT Gaskets does not gather any information on your visit, but doing so will require you to re-enter certain information at each visit, or prevent TT Gaskets from customizing the Site’s features according to your preferences.

You can change the cookie settings of your browser or device. For example, you can choose to block cookies, accept only some of them, or delete cookies after you close your browser. Check the cookie settings of your device or browser, for example, in the settings menu of the browser you are using. You can read more about cookies in general, e.g. from here.

We use Google Analytics to track users of this page. The data we collect is processed anonymously and the “data sharing” setting is disabled.

We do not use other Google services with Google Analytics cookies. Read more about Google’s DPA at Data Processing Amendment.

Learn more about how Google Analytics analyzes your data, as well as e.g. you can read about their privacy policy here.

We also use Hubspot to provide contact forms and a chatbot on our site. Your personal data will not be provided to them, they are only the tools we use. You can read more about their privacy policy here.

For more information on the Jetpack Analytics plugin. Jetpack is an add-on built by Automattic.


We use the Vimeo and Youtube media players to display our video content. Vimeo and Youtube have their own analytics tools that measure how many times a video is played. They do not track visitors to this page, only the number and the duration of video plays.

Read more about Vimeo’s practices here.
Read more about Youtube’s practices here.

Transfer of personal data

TT Gaskets shall not provide your personal data to a third party without your permission, except when necessary for processing or fulfilling your order, including without limitation, providing necessary information to relevant finance-related companies, logistics and transport service providers and authorized sales and after-sales service providers, as well as responding to your requests or answering your inquiries, or as necessary for protecting TT Gaskets’, its website users’ and/or the public’s rights, property and/or safety.

TT Gaskets may share personal data within the TT Gaskets Group of Companies for the purposes described in this Policy. Such sharing may involve transferring data to and from other countries in which TT Gaskets operates, has business activities or is otherwise present. TT Gaskets may use third party service providers in implementing its marketing campaigns. For the purposes of the implementation of such marketing campaigns, TT Gaskets may transfer personal data to third party service providers.

Additionally, TT Gaskets may share your contact details and online behavior data, such as Site visits and e-mail click-throughs, with channel partners for the purpose of sales and marketing of TT Gaskets’ products and services.

Because TT Gaskets is committed to protecting your privacy, TT Gaskets does not engage in the practice of selling or trading personal data to third parties for their promotional purposes.

TT Gaskets may transfer your information both in and out of the European Union. Such transfers will be carried out in compliance with applicable laws and necessary safeguards. Please note, however, that laws applicable to the processing of personal data in such countries may be different from those applicable in Finland or your home country.

User rights

Rights of the data subject

The data subject can find out what information has been collected and stored about him or her and, if necessary, to bring the matter under investigation.

Personal data may be processed with the consent of the data subject. Processing is also possible if there is a customer, employment or membership relationship between the data subject and the controller in which the collection and storage of personal data is necessary for the handling of matters between the parties. In addition, the right to process personal data may be based on another task provided for the controller by law.

The specific rights provided for the data subject in the Personal Data Act are:

Right to information

The processing of personal data is required to be transparent. The controller is therefore obliged to provide information on the processing of your personal data both when it is collected and when it is processed. You must be informed of the controller and, where applicable, his representative, the purpose of the processing of personal data, regular transfers of data, the exercise of registered rights in the processing of personal data.

Everyone has the right to be informed of the description of the register, which must be drawn up for all personal registers. It indicates, among other things, the name of the controller and what information has been collected in the register and what it is used for. The registrar may also add a section on the rights of the data subject to the description.

You have the right to have the Registry Description available for inspection at the registrar’s office.

The right of inspection

Upon your request, you have the right to know what information about you is in the personal register or that there is no information about you in the register. The information must be provided in a form that you can understand and, if you wish, you will also receive it in writing. You have the right to know where the data is regularly obtained for the register and where the data is used and regularly disclosed.

Data verification is free once a year. The right of inspection is the main rule. However, there are exceptions to the law for certain situations and some registers have been completely excluded from the right of inspection.

Exercise of the right of inspection

Submit a verification request directly to the controller. If you wish, you can use the model form provided by the EDPS.

If the controller refuses to provide your information, he must provide you with a written certificate. The certificate shall state the reasons for the refusal to inspect. You can then contact the Data Protection Officer.

The right to have their information corrected

Everyone has the right to be judged on the basis of the right information. Only data necessary for the specified purpose of the processing of personal data may be stored in the register. The controller must also notify the person to whom your data has been disclosed and from whom the incorrect information has been obtained of the correction. Submit a data correction request directly to the data controller. If you wish, you can use the model form provided by the EDPS.

If the controller does not agree to correct the information, he must provide you with a certificate stating the reasons for the refusal. You can then contact the Data Protection Officer.

Right of Refusal

You have the right to prohibit the controller from processing your data for certain purposes. You may prohibit the use of your information for direct mail, distance selling or other direct marketing, as well as for market and opinion research or personal registration and genealogy research. If you wish to prohibit the use or disclosure of your address information for direct marketing purposes, please notify the registrar, such as a telephone or newspaper company or association, of the prohibition. You can notify the ban by phone or in writing. The exercise of the right of prohibition is free of charge.

Practical steps

When a data subject wishes to exercise these rights or has questions about the processing of his or her personal data, he or she must first contact the relevant data controller. If the data subject is unable to clarify his case with the controller, he may contact the Office of the Data Protection Officer.

If the user wishes their information to be viewed in the form of a downloadable document in connection with these websites more than once a year, we will charge a data processing fee based on the additional working hours, a minimum of € 100 (+ VAT 24%) per additional time.

About the implementation of the website

TT Gaskets is responsible for the implementation of our website’s necessary periodic updates to keep the page secure in the future.

This site runs on top of Seravo Oy web host and the servers they provide. They also have access to the site’s database, files and thus also to the site’s analytics statistics, if necessary. You can read more about their services and confidentiality issues on their website:

The site works with WordPress content management. WordPress does not collect information about users of this page.

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