Your Privacy Is Important To Us

Your privacy is important to us at TT Gaskets / Tampereen Tiivisteteollisuus Oy because also by making sure you and your info are secure, we can provide better service for you. That’s why we’ve created this privacy policy to explain TT Gaskets / Tampereen Tiivisteteollisuus Oy’s information collection and use practices in connection with this website.

You’re bound to the Privacy Policy, too: it’s part of the Agreement, and by using our service you agree that you have read it, that you understand it, and that you will comply with it.

What Personal Data We Collect And Why We Collect It

When you visit our site, we have Google Analytics tool and Jetpack Analytics in use, which both monitor our visitors, for example, from which country do you visit from and for how long do you visit our site.

After you leave our site, no records of where you go next are not stored or known by us.

We have these analytics tools in use to be able to provide better service for you, our customers. By reading further, we’ll provide you more info about our analytics tools and more.

We don’t collect any other personal data from Visitors or Users when they use the website, unless they provide such information voluntarily, for example, by ordering products from us via e-mail.


For tracking website visits, we use Google Analytics, as well as, Jetpack Analytics tool. Google Analytics tracking data is stored for 26 months. 

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to track visitors on this site. The data we collect will be processed anonymously and “Data sharing” is disabled.

We don’t use other Google services in combination with Google Analytics cookies. Read Google’s Data Processing Amendment here.

See more about how Google Analytics analyzes your data and read their privacy policies here and here.

About GDPR in General

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and is a new data protection regulation from the EU that will become law in all EU Member States on 25 May 2018. The GDPR will replace the current Personal Data Act (PDA). The Act is intended to protect individuals’ privacy and to modernise, harmonise and reinforce protection within the EU.

Each EU Member State has a supervisory authority that will monitor this. In Finland this authority is the Privacy Protection Authority. On their website there is more information and help that you can read to find out what you need to do.

Who we are

TT Gaskets / Tampereen Tiivisteteollisuus Oy is a family-owned business and leading Nordic manufacturer of gaskets and shims, since 1943.

For any issues concerning your privacy on this website, contact us.

Personal Data Controller

The Personal Data Controller (PDC) is the party that under the law has the ultimate responsibility for data processing and decides the purpose and the means of this. The Personal Data Controller must ensure compliance with the law, must inform those persons whose personal data is being processed and must ensure regulatory compliance by the Personal Data Processor.

We at TT Gaskets are the Personal Data Controller for all processing of personal data about you as a customer or user when you use TT Gaskets / Tampereen Tiivisteteollisuus Oy’s services or, for example, contact us. What we do, or do not do, with your personal data is described here in our Privacy Policy.

Access to Personal Data

Only those at TT Gaskets / Tampereen Tiivisteteollisuus Oy and at Juxtalab Creative Solutions (site designer) who need access to the Personal Data to perform their work tasks, to help you receive better services, are processing the Personal Data. Those people have entered into confidentiality agreements. 

Personal Data Processor

In some rare cases personal data will be processed by external parties acting as the Personal Data Processor for TT Gaskets / Tampereen Tiivisteteollisuus Oy. The Personal Data Processor (PDP) will process personal data on behalf of TT Gaskets / Tampereen Tiivisteteollisuus Oy and will be responsible for the technical and organisational security measures.

About Your Data Rights

  • Right to access your data
  • You can request to receive an extract containing the data that we have about you. The extract will be sent free of charge in one copy on one occasion per year.
  • Right of rectification.
  • You have the right to have rectified any wrong or incomplete information about yourself.
  • Right to be forgotten
  • You have the right to request the removal of your personal data when the purpose of the processing is no longer current. The removal cannot be revoked/recreated and once the removal is complete, no person can be associated with the user account any longer. However, there may be legal obligations for TT Gaskets / Tampereen Tiivisteteollisuus Oy which prevent the immediate deletion of your personal data or parts of it. These obligations stem from accounting and tax legislation, but also from consumer rights legislation. In such a case, only the personal data that we are required to save in order to fulfil such legal obligations will be saved.

If you want to request us to collect your personal data in an exported file frequently, e.g. more than in one copy per year, we will apply an extra fee minimum of 100€ per data collection request.

Right to Access Personal Data

You have the right to obtain from TT Gaskets / Tampereen Tiivisteteollisuus Oy confirmation as to whether or not Personal Data concerning you are being processed, and, where that is the case, access to the Personal Data.

You have the right to obtain from TT Gaskets / Tampereen Tiivisteteollisuus Oy the erasure of Personal Data concerning you and, TT Gaskets / Tampereen Tiivisteteollisuus Oy has the obligation to erase Personal Data when the Personal Data is no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed or you have withdrawn consent on which the processing is based.

Restriction of Processing

You have the right to obtain from TT Gaskets / Tampereen Tiivisteteollisuus Oy restriction of processing if you have a particular reason for wanting the restriction. This may be if you have issues with the content of the information we hold or how we have processed your personal data. It can also be the case when TT Gaskets / Tampereen Tiivisteteollisuus Oy no longer needs the Personal Data.

Who We Collaborate With To Be Able To Provide Our Services For You

We use MailChimp as our marketing automation platform. By joining our e-mail list, you acknowledge that the information you provide will be transferred to MailChimp for processing in accordance with their Privacy Policy and TermsMailchimp GDPR.

Our website webhotel is provided by Capnova Oy Ltd (

Our site has been built by Juxtalab Creative Solutions (, and they have admin privileges of this site in order to provide scheduled maintenance updates to keep this site running smoothly. They have signed and agreed into confidentiality agreements and only approved staff have access to this platform.

You can contact Juxtalab Creative Solutions at:

WordPress does not share any personal data with anyone.

About our site

Our site is build on top of WordPress cms. Our website has been designed by Juxtalab Creative Solutions.

Below you can read more about the tools we have in use on our site.


With our video content, we use Vimeo and Youtube. They have their own analytics tools that they use to track, for example, how many times the video is viewed. Vimeo and Youtube does not, however, track the users on this site, other than when users view the video, then Vimeo and Youtube tracks the video usage.

Read more about Vimeo Privacy Policy here,

and see Youtube privacy policy here.

Jetpack Plugin Personal Data Information

Jetpack is a plugin that helps us provide better services for you, built by Automattic.

Activity Log

This feature only records activities of a site’s registered users, and the retention duration of activity data will depend on the site’s plan and activity type.

Data Used: To deliver this functionality and record activities around site management, the following information is captured: user email address, user role, user login, user display name, and local user IDs, the activity to be recorded, the site ID of the site on which the activity takes place, the site’s Jetpack version, and the timestamp of the activity. Some activities may also include the actor’s IP address (login attempts, for example) and user agent.

Activity Tracked: Login attempts/actions, post and page update and publish actions, comment/pingback submission and management actions, plugin and theme management actions, widget updates, user management actions, and the modification of other various site settings and options. Retention duration of activity data depends on the site’s plan and activity type. See the complete list of currently-recorded activities (along with retention information).

Data Synced (?): Successful and failed login attempts, which will include the actor’s IP address and user agent.


Data Used: In order to check login activity and potentially block fraudulent attempts, the following information is used: attempting user’s IP address, attempting user’s email address/username (i.e. according to the value they were attempting to use during the login process), and all IP-related HTTP headers attached to the attempting user.

Activity Tracked: Failed login attempts (these include IP address and user agent). We also set a cookie (jpp_math_pass) for 1 day to remember if/when a user has successfully completed a math captcha to prove that they’re a real human. 

Data Synced (?): Failed login attempts, which contain the user’s IP address, attempted username or email address, and user agent information.

Data Used: To initiate and process subscriptions, the following information is used: subscriber’s email address and the ID of the post or comment (depending on the specific subscription being processed). In the event of a new subscription being initiated, we also collect some basic server data, including all of the subscribing user’s HTTP request headers, the IP address from which the subscribing user is viewing the page, and the URI which was given in order to access the page (REQUEST_URI and DOCUMENT_URI). This server data used for the exclusive purpose of monitoring and preventing abuse and spam.

Activity Tracked: Functionality cookies are set for a duration of 347 days to remember a visitor’s blog and post subscription choices if, in fact, they have an active subscription. Stats

Data Used: IP address, user ID (if logged in), username (if logged in), user agent, visiting URL, referring URL, timestamp of event, browser language, country code. Important: The site owner does not have access to any of this information via this feature. For example, a site owner can see that a specific post has 285 views, but he/she cannot see which specific users/accounts viewed that post. Stats logs — containing visitor IP addresses and usernames (if available) — are retained by Automattic for 28 days and are used for the sole purpose of powering this feature.

Activity Tracked: Post and page views, video plays (if videos are hosted by, outbound link clicks, referring URLs and search engine terms, and country. When this module is enabled, Jetpack also tracks performance on each page load that includes the Javascript file used for tracking stats. This is exclusively for aggregate performance tracking across Jetpack sites in order to make sure that our plugin and code is not causing performance issues. This includes the tracking of page load times and resource loading duration (image files, Javascript files, CSS files, etc.). The site owner has the ability to force this feature to honor DNT settings of visitors. By default, DNT is currently not honored.


Analysis cookies collect anonymous information on how our services are used, e.g. which pages are popular, if you receive an error message anywhere or which kind of device is used. For example, third party cookies for Google Analytics.

If you have an account (site admins only) and you log in to this site, we will set a temporary cookie to determine if your browser accepts cookies. This cookie contains no personal data and is discarded when you close your browser.

When you log in, we will also set up several cookies to save your login information and your screen display choices. Login cookies last for two days, and screen options cookies last for a year. If you select “Remember Me”, your login will persist for two weeks. If you log out of your account, the login cookies will be removed.

How you can control our use of Cookies

Go to your browser or device settings to learn more about how to adjust the settings for cookies. For example, you can choose to block all cookies, accept only first party cookies or delete cookies when you close your web browser.

Additional information

How we protect your data

We make sure to protect your data the best we can and your data is stored only in highly protected places. We have many different data protection procedures in place, such as:

  • Only approved staff have access to the platform
  • Backups are done at predetermined intervals.
  • Ensuring about the latest updates, for example, for the cms and plugins used
  • Protecting personal data by employing techniques such as access restrictions, encryption, pseudonymization, backups, data minimization, and regular testing of all these techniques.

In which countries will processing of your personal data occur?

Your personal data will be processed within the EU/EEA.

What data breach procedures we have in place

We have multiple data breach procedures in place, such as:

  • Notifying the appropriate supervisory authority no more than 72 hours after of becoming aware of a breach of users’ personal data, including the number of users whose data was exposed, the nature of the breach, and what actions are being taken to mitigate its effects.
  • Communicating this information to the impacted users, especially if the data breach exposed any of their unencrypted personal data.
  • Considering the needs of any law enforcement investigations before publicly announcing the breach.

Additional Notes and Contact

If you have any extra questions about the website, please contact us at TT Gaskets: or Juxtalab Creative Solutions:

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