Lighting Industry

We offer a selection of working sealing solutions and insulation to the Lighting Industry to applications from work to leisure and even more.

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Lighting Industry

Diverse applications demand special requirements for gaskets and insulation materials

Luminaire industry brings light to our homes and everywhere we go from work to leisure

We offer a selection of working solutions to all of the above-mentioned applications and even more.

Our work starts from the designing stage, where we can come up with the optimum gasket design to achieve the IP rating needed. Just let us know the flange geometry, materials, and fasteners and we are good to go. Flexible production methods allow us to produce prototype gaskets for the testing within days or even hours. We’ve got full support for our customers on the luminaire certification phase.

To help you get further, we have a thorough material offering to start with basic NR based materials to very advanced UL listed special foams with outstanding performance in low and high-temperature applications.

We also offer a full set of insulation materials that’ll prevent your luminaire from spilling the light through spaces in part connections. For safety reasons, it’s good to consider protecting the metal parts from accidentally disconnected wires by electro insulation films.

Our expertise also covers metal components from electro galvanized steels.

By partnering with TT Gaskets you’ll partner with an experienced solution provider with the designing skills, material knowledge and the latest production technology to make your luminaires reliable, advanced and cost-effective.

Products we supply for this industry, for example:
Thermal InsulationElectrical InsulationGasket Manufacturing Based on Customer Drawings Or ModelsBracketsPlates