Family Made, Value Added

As the leading Nordic manufacturer of gaskets and shims, we pride ourselves on designing and delivering high-quality, technically accurate products and sealing services to the world’s major industries.

We are an independent family-owned company with a family made, value added approach—designed to maximize the efficiency of your value chain. We’ve been delivering world-class products and services to customers around the globe since 1943.

Streamlined To Deliver Maximum Customer Satisfaction

Most of our products are manufactured at our factory in Tampere, Finland using materials from the world’s leading suppliers.

Our products travel all around the world. More than half of our output is exported, mainly to the Nordic countries and Central Europe, but also to Asia and North and South America.

Our production chain is streamlined to deliver maximum customer satisfaction. We add more value to large companies by understanding the high-quality demands and their mode of operation.

When you choose TT Gaskets, you can rest assured that you will benefit from world-class products and services.

Putting Safety and Quality First – Every Time

We manufacture high-quality precision sealing solutions in a safe environment according to our customers’ exact requirements.

We never compromise when it comes to service, the dimensional accuracy of our products, or the quality of the raw materials we use. We always listen to what our customers want and deliver what we promise, and our operations are certified to the ISO 9001 quality standard.

Focusing on the Environment

Our focus on using environmentally friendly materials in our sealing solutions has made us the best in Europe at optimizing material usage.

Our products contain no asbestos and we follow an ISO 14001 certified environmental management system.

Expanding from a secure position

We believe that reliability generates growth not only for our company, but for our customers too. We have the AAA credit rating and are a reliable partner.

We invest in modern, long-term solutions. Our operations are based on long-standing relationships with raw material suppliers and investments in the latest production technology.

By following these principles we have been able to grow steadily and produce competitive and technically advanced products.

TT Gaskets in a Nutshell

By 2020

We aim to grow from being the leading gasket manufacturer in the Nordics to being Europe’s leading independent supplier of gaskets and sealing services in certain industries. We also aim to become the preferred product development partner for our customers around the world.


Lean Managed

Moving from 5S-run production to Lean Managed


Focus On Services

Strong focus on enlarging the service offering (design, testing, shutdown service, gasket reviews, etc.).


Subcontractor of the Year

Opening of a subsidiary in Sweden, selected the Subcontractor of the year in Finland and further investments in work safety (OHSAS 18001)


Third Generation

Third generation becomes involved in the family business and open new international markets.


Market Leader

Grow to become the leading Nordic flange gasket and shim manufacturer & expanded our business service offering (gasket kits, kanban, etc.).



Substantional investments in gasket know-how, personnel and modern production technologies.


Further Development

Strong focus on international sales and digitalization of production technologies.



Pioneering investments in new production technologies and full focus on gaskets as binder business gets divested.


Second Generation

Factory expansion and 2nd generation more involved in the management.



First exports – Sweden and Netherlands through direct exports and agents.



Serial entrepreneurship – gaskets, binders, various metallic parts and surface finishings.



Innovative sealing solutions for military needs: cylinder head gaskets, shaft seals and many more.

Company Video

A Letter from our Chairman, Matti Arpiainen

Certified For Your Benefit

We are certified, for example with ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environmental) and ISO 45001 (Work Safety and Reliability) Certificates.

For our customer it means that we are committed in building, developing and maintaining high standards when it comes to leading and developing our business and its values.

We believe in fighting for a safer industry. For us it’s important to be able to offer our customers better overall services also by keeping our employees safe.

For the last few years we have been investing heavily in developing our company’s HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) actions. For us HSE is not just about the certificates — it’s a wholesome way of life — that we live by everyday.

On top of our own industry’s certificates we can and have been serving by the required standards of other industries. For example, the TS16949 certificate often required by the automotive industry is something that we already act by with some of our global clients. When it comes to PPAP and APQP-processes and documenting, we already do so too.

We also already act by the requirements of the Danish and Norwegian offshore industry by being part of their industry ecosystem. We also have the Russian GOST and Rostehnadzor certificates as we have been importing to Russia for quite a long time already.

As you can see, we are more than committed in serving different industries by acting according the different quality, environmental and safety standards and other requirements.

To keep up with the demands, we are continuously training our staff and keeping our eyes open for what the future holds. All, so we can service you, our customer, in better and more wholesome ways now and in the future.

Yours Sincerely,

Matti Arpiainen


The board of TT Gaskets is made up of two non-executive board members as well as 2nd and 3rd generation family business entrepreneurs. The non-executive members are industry and academic leaders whose diverse backgrounds represent years of experience from a wide array of manufacturing and retail disciplines.

A Well-grounded board puts us in a great position to grow to become the best-in-class sealing solution provider in Europe, implement our ambitious international expansion plans and to become an evermore sought-after industrial employer.

Members of Board

Matti Arpiainen

Chairman and Owner

Aleksi Arpiainen

CEO and Owner

Kari Neilimo

Former President of SOK, University Professor, MBA Programme Director and Board Professional

Eero Tomi

Former CEO of AGCO Power Oy, Various roles from production to sales management within the engine industry

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