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Seal Kits With Your Company Logo, QR-codes and Safety Hologramming

We manufacture practical, high-quality seal kits and individually packed products according to your needs.

A modern skin packing line enables flexible delivery both in small and big batches.

Seal kits find a various range of use in spare part sales, directly in the production lines or as comprehensive spare part kits which can be easily taken by the technician to the service site.

It is possible to pack gaskets individually one by one or you can choose how many gaskets is packed in one seal kit.

A fully customized kit can be equipped with safety hologram labelling, QR-coding, your company name and logo on the packing cardboard as well as the installation and assembly instructions, parts list or any other additional information to be used in connection with the kit.

The high-quality durable plastic packaging guarantees excellent protection for the products during transportation and in storage.


Seal Kits

You can easily design the desired content of your seal kit by just sending us the BOM and we’ll take care of the packaging design for you. If you like, we are happy to do the design together with you using existing company packaging standards. Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance in your seal kit design.

You can freely choose the content of your seal kit. Typically the seal kit includes all necessary components to perform a certain repair or service operation on the customer equipment. The seal kits can include hundreds of components or just one sealing.

Yes, this is the key idea in using seal kits. We prepare the whole kit of components, so you do not have to compose and send several items to your customers or technicians at site.

Delivery time is depending on the complexity of the kit and on agreed terms. Most of our seal kits are simple and can be shipped on short notice, with more complicated kits we agree on stock levels and delivery times.
We can handle the safety stock of critical components to ensure desired delivery times at all situations.

There are several ways of protecting engines and other equipment from being equipped with unauthorized spare parts. Seal kits can be equipped with a company specific safety hologram to prevent component frauds or second source component usage.

Individual safety QR code can be added to the sealing or the sealing kit to track the usage of specified kit or sealing. TT Gaskets can provide the tracking service of individual sealings using simple QR-coding and mobile phone QR coding app.

Use Case Examples

You can use seal kits in many different applications. To give you a better idea, we’ve featured use case examples below from the Oil filter change kit and Oil-sump inspection kit.

The Gasket Kit – A Real Life Example from Our Customers

Gasket kits are mainly used in connection with engine overhauls or other repairs where the main engine components must be removed/replaced.

The kits are divided into two different versions: the entire engine kit and the so-called cylinder head gasket kit. The latter is required when working with the engine cylinder head and the entire engine gasket kit includes all engine gaskets as the name implies. Gasket kits are engine type-specific and include a variety of gaskets for many customer applications.

However, the contents of the kits are also kept as a customer and environmentally friendly as possible to minimize waste and ensure that all seals are used.

The kits also offer customers an economic advantage – the gasket set is always a cheaper solution than separately purchased gaskets.

Oil-sump Inspection Kit

When opening an oil sump or any other critical area of an engine it is often recommended to change all sealings, o-rings, some washers and so on, to ensure a safe and tight re-assembly of the engine.

Oil Filter Kit

Oil filter change kit, including filter, sealings and tooling for complete filter change.