Design Services

When ready-made sealing solutions don’t meet your needs, we are your comprehensive partner for gasket design and product development. Our versatile expertise, range of materials, and cutting-edge machinery ensure cost-effective solutions that are guaranteed to match your specifications.

We support your product development already in the earliest design stages. We can also improve your existing sealing solutions and propose better or more cost-effective options. Our solutions always meet the desired standards and customer-specific requirements.

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Design Services

Benefit from leading sealing expertise

TT Gaskets has been providing design and product development services since the 1940s when we developed groundbreaking gasket solutions for the defense forces of wartime Finland.

Over the decades, we have witnessed technological advancements and understand the requirements of different temperatures, vibration and stress conditions, as well as medium compatibility. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can always choose the best gasket geometry and material for different operating environments. That’s why we are a trusted partner for our many international OEM customers.

This is how we do it

Design and product developmentPrototypingAgile testingContinuous development
We assess the customer’s needs and the operating environment’s requirements comprehensively. We design the best and most cost-effective solution using our diverse experience and expertise.Thanks to our versatile machinery and wide range of materials, we can quickly produce various prototypes for testing.Compression and recovery analysis, FEM analysis, fatigue and pressure testing, and customized test benches ensure that the gasket is suitable for its operating environment.We study the gasket’s wear and properties in the customer’s production environment and continuously improve the gasket to make it even better.

Our multidisciplinary design board considers procurement, production, design, and quality perspectives right from the beginning of product development projects. We examine the requirements of the application as well as the manufacturability of the gasket based on Design for Manufacturing principles.

We challenge both ourselves and our customers to evolve and provide solutions that generate genuine benefits and competitive advantage. We are not committed to specific raw materials or suppliers but can always offer the most suitable material for the customer’s needs.

Key features of our service

We are capable of flexibly manufacturing even complex products at our own production facilities.Material independence and our extensive manufacturing capacity ensure that you receive the most cost-effective solution.With our multidisciplinary approach, we can quickly move from design to prototyping and onward to production.

We test gaskets thoroughly in conditions that closely resemble the actual operating environment using our versatile testing equipment and digital simulations.

Comprehensive testing generates extensive data on how the gasket behaves under different compression, pressure, and temperature conditions. We always provide extensive documentation and cost-benefit calculations for various sealing solutions. Our broad partner network gives us almost limitless possibilities for material selection and customized testing.

We are your partner for all gasket design and product development needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us!