We manufacture flange gaskets according to the most typical flange standards.

Flat Gaskets as a service, according to industries needs

TT Gaskets manufactures and supplies flat gaskets for even the most demanding operating conditions. We manufacture both small series and large production batches competitively. Fast delivery of flat and flange gaskets or express delivery for the next day shortens production downtime.

Durable and safe gaskets

A flat gasket is often installed between two flanges, hence the name flange gasket. Flat gaskets can also be installed between other parts, such as a cylinder head or to seal a faucet. Applications include, for example, sealing of motor machines and equipment, process industry piping and equipment connections. 

We deliver a large selection of standard gaskets directly from the our stock or customized. When used correctly, flat seals ensure the intended performance of the equipment. If a gasket drawing is missing, we can use our accurate measuring equipment to reconstruct the gasket drawing and recommend a suitable material.

Our designers consult on design or material choices. You will get tailor-made gaskets according to your needs. We ensure that the gasket works as intended and withstands at least the stresses specified in the equipment and applications, corresponding to the life cycle of the equipment or the service interval expectation. You save on costs and get the best possible gasket.

Avoid production stops – fast delivery

Our flat gaskets and all other gaskets are completed at our factory using an efficient and fast manufacturing process. Thanks to our comprehensive material inventory, we are able to deliver even the most demanding gaskets quickly according to our customers’ needs. We also serve our customers in the event of production downtime. Thanks to our Shutdown Services and our mobile gasket factory, the maintenance and production of flat gaskets are also possible on site or at your premises.

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Our Fast Track Service also enables fast delivery of flat gaskets for sudden needs. It allows the gaskets to be shipped to you from our Tampere factory within 24 hours. Flexibility, speed, innovation and our high-quality criteria guarantee that you always get first-class service from us, as well as durable, site-specific gaskets. Contact us!

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Flat Gaskets

Standard flat or flange gaskets can be manufactured from nearly every possible material e.g. fibre, graphite, plastics, many kinds of rubber, and PTFE based materials. The material used depends on the media, pressure, and temperature of the application.

Commonly the thickness varies between 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, and 3.0 mm.

The thinner the better because thinner gaskets are more suitable for higher temperatures and pressures.

The information needed when ordering flange gaskets:

• The standard and nominal dimension (e.g. DN 80)
• Pressure class (e.g. PN 10-40)
• The gasket material
• Thickness

Yes, we can. According to ASME B16.21.

Use Case Examples

You can use flat or flange gaskets in many different applications. To give you a better idea, we’ve featured example use cases below from water pipelines in cities, paper factories, and ships.

Flange Gaskets for water pipelines in cities. TT Gaskets.

Water pipelines in cities

In city water pipelines, the often-used flange gaskets are manufactured according to SFS EN 1514-1 IBC, and they are made of natural rubber (NR).

Paper factories

Flange gaskets used in paper factories are made of different materials depending on the media in use.

Often at least two different materials are needed — one for general use and the other for the steam application.

Flange Gaskets for paper factories. Contact us.
Flange gaskets for all kinds of ships from cruise ships to cargo, and more.


Flange gaskets are suitable for seawater, oil, and steam applications.