Selecting the correct packing for the right use is the key—we help you do so.


Choosing the correct packing for the right use is the key — we help you do so. Just tell us the medium, temperature, pressure, and the rotation speed of the application.

Packings are used, for example, in centrifugal and piston pumps, valves, mixers, grinders and filters, in rotating and pivoting axles. The packing can be square or round, with a diameter starting from 3 millimetres.

PTFE, carbon, and graphite packings are included in our range, and these are supplied off the shelf. Other packings are delivered ex-works.



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We are always ready to help you choose the correct material and diameter for your packings, and can provide our wide range of products to you anytime.

When deciding what is the correct packing to use, it is important to pay attention to the temperature, pressure, media, and shaft speed of the application. Then choose the correct qualities to fit your needs based on those requirements.

Proper installation of the packing is very important. But don’t worry, we will always provide all the necessary advice and information you require.

Example Use Cases

Packings are specially used in large pumps in the mining or process industry. In these cases, packings offer a low up-front cost and fairly simple maintenance.