Shutdown Services

TT Gaskets Mobile Factory and Smart Container – Quick and easy on-site gasket service

Time is money during shutdowns. This is especially true in the case of large industry turnarounds in steel mills, paper and pulp mills and oil refineries.

The traditional model for acquiring gaskets during a shutdown begins from identifying and verifying a need. Then the company’s purchasing or project department conducts a quotation round, and only after this can the necessary product and maintenance orders be placed. All these steps take time and are a hindrance when production needs to be up and running as soon as possible.

We have a solution. TT Gaskets shutdown services can solve most of your sealing needs on-site, quickly and without any extra hassle. With our mobile gasket factory and storage container solutions we can supply and service most of the required flat gaskets in the immediate vicinity of your factory or production line – without delay.

After the shutdown is serviced, you will also receive a summary of the used components to help you better prepare for the next shutdown.

With our Shutdown Services you can…

  • Restore production in record time
  • Secure new gaskets for your production quickly
  • Receive tailored and specialized service on-site

See our shutdown services in action

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TTG Mobile Factory – Fast gasket manufacturing in a container

Our Mobile Factory is a movable solution for manufacturing gaskets quickly and easily where they are needed – no time is wasted on waiting or negotiations. The manned Mobile Factory features one or two of our gasket experts and of course the required state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. All products are made according to your specifications and drawings usually while waiting, or within a few hours at maximum. Larger quantities are delivered with 24-hour Fast Track deliveries from our Tampere factory.

For example, our Mobile Factory can produce spiral wound gaskets, renew sealing surfaces of camprofile gaskets and cut round-profile flat gaskets from different materials. The Mobile Factory can be delivered flexibly for the required turnaround duration. We can also provide production line specific storage containers to match your needs.

TTG Smart Container – Tailored on-site storage service

The Smart Container is a mobile gasket storage that can be dispatched with personnel or equipped with self service solutions. The Smart Container can be supplied for a fixed timeframe or an indeterminate duration.

Stock management is easy: all products feature RFID tags that are read with a handheld reader. Stock level monitoring and additional orders are performed with a handy online interface. The service includes resupply deliveries and shelving with agreed-upon intervals. The products are billed according to use.

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