We have different brackets available. Made according to different standards or your custom needs.


We offer a wide range of brackets e.g. for joining components, for the support, or for guiding use.

Our brackets are manufactured according to the standards or to any of your requirements.

Compared to the traditional bracket manufacturing processes, our vast material range together with our versatile machine park can be used to produce your high quantity bracket items in a very competitive way.



Our manufacturing processes allows us to produce up to 20mm thick brackets.

However, our core competence is in thinner materials, typically starting from 0.1mm up to 5.0mm in thickness.

We are basically open for any material suggestion you might have. Currently we manufacture brackets from aluminum, low carbon steel, stainless steel, and copper.

We have a vast stock of all these materials. In addition to the above-mentioned materials, we keep a stock of smaller quantities of e.g. brass, aluminum bronze, and tin bronze.

Absolutely yes. Our goal is to make your life easier.

There is no point for you to order just flat parts and then order bending or coating separately from another place. We can do it all for you.

We focus on medium size series’ using eccentric pressing process as our main bending tool.

This is approximately 10 times faster than traditional edging and way more accurate as well.

Example Use Cases

It is quite difficult to highlight only one particular customer or industry for brackets. Whether you are a huge equipment manufacturer for forest or mining industry or a small radiator manufacturer, brackets exist everywhere.

Brackets for all clients. Fast, accurate and high-quality. Contact Us.

A Customer Success Story: A European Transformer and Electrical Equipment Manufacturer

We had a meeting with one of our regular customers, a European transformer and electrical equipment manufacturer.

While taking a tour at their factory during one of our many meetings we noticed, that they were bending simple copper plates using a traditional edging process.

The process was slow, ineffective, and also very far from the company’s core competence, which is manufacturing advanced electrical equipment.

Our salesperson stopped and asked our customer to review their manufacturing process and said we could provide them the brackets they require in a much quicker way.

The very next week we had an inquiry for 1000 brackets. We made a quote, the customer made a purchase order, and the first delivery was done in just a few weeks.

They have been satisfied ever since, and can now focus their time and efforts for more productive actions for their company without worrying about their brackets.