Pulp And Paper Industry

With the machine power and automation processes in use in the pulp and paper industry, you can’t afford your gaskets to let you down.

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Pulp And Paper Industry

We have just the right tried, tested, and evaluated product range for the pulp & paper industry.

The handling processes in this industry typically require a lot of machine power and various types of automated lines. With this much muscle power in use, you can’t afford your gaskets to let you down.

Our products have a proven track record of keeping production processes running smoothly in a wide variety of applications including wood and wood chip handling, chemical pulping, bleaching, and paper manufacturing.

We even have proved sealing solutions for the more challenging mediums used during processes like oxygenized white liquor and hydrochloric acid.

Also, when necessary, we can manufacture very large gaskets.

Products we supply for this industry, for example:
Flange GasketsGasket Manufacturing Based on Customer Drawings Or ModelsGaskets with Metal EyeletsSpiral-wound GasketsCamprofile Gaskets,  Metal-jacketed GasketsEnvelope GasketsShimsPackingsSeal kits