Rubber Metal Gaskets are used when the gasket is required to have good compression ratio at low surface pressure.

Rubber Metal Gaskets

A rubber metal gasket excels at great compression ratio at low surface pressure. A fully rubber-jacketed support ring guarantees ideal sealing attributes even with low bolt forces.

The rubber metal gasket withstands high temperatures and mechanical stress e.g. vibration and pressure shocks.

Often, the complex geometry of the gasket profile is made with a curvature, which also enables excellent seal for the unsuitable parts of the sealing.


Rubber Metal Gaskets

Our objective is always to find the best possible solution for you. In this case, it means we are prepared to design the right geometry and manufacture fully custom-made rubber metal gaskets.

Proper assembly and choosing the correct materials is very important. The gasket consists of thin HNBR or FPM rubber layer and a metal body which is often made from cold-rolled steel or stainless-steel layer that allows the seal to withstand high pressure and profile forming. This part can also be made of aluminium or brass.

A rubber metal gasket enables the usage of several binder materials in one structure. Rubber metal gaskets are not fragile and thus require low bolt forces.

A rubber metal gasket’s metal component usually has a thickness of 0,5 to 2,0 millimeters. The rubber component’s thickness is between 1,5 and 3,0 millimeters.

The temperature range depends on the chosen rubber materials. Peak temperature resistance of FPM is approximately +230 °C.

To make ordering as smooth as possible, we require precise information on the temperature and pressure resistance requirements and the used media. With this information, we can recommend the materials and gasket geometries that suit your needs best.

Use Case Examples

Rubber metal gaskets are specially used in applications where it is difficult to reach the efficient surface stress with normal static gaskets. For example, in oil pan applications.