Spiral-wound Gaskets

The benefit of spiral-wound gaskets is their excellent reversibility. For this reason their use in cyclical circumstances is very justified.

The robust metallic structure assures the high pressure endurance of the spiral-wound gaskets. With the correct material choices we can achieve a first-class chemical endurance and suitability for cold and hot use cases.

In power plants and in petrochemical industry the use of spiral-wound gaskets is common. Many boiler rooms in pulp mills are also sealed using spiral-wound gaskets.

In spiral-wound gaskets the seal part is made up of a V-shaped metallic spiral-wound and soft gasket material. Most of the time the spiral-wound gaskets are equipped with an outer guide ring and an inner support ring.

For our customers we can offer spiral-wound gaskets made according to standards or customized according to our clients needs.

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