We offer plates according to different standards or custom make them to meet your requirements.


Choosing the correct structural material for plates based on their final use is our specialty.

As well as the other products, we offer plates according to different standards or custom make them to meet your requirements.

Our vast material range together with versatile machine park can help you with low, medium, or high quantity series.

In this product range we can offer everything between one to one million pieces.

Smaller series are manufactured with high-efficient laser cutting and the larger quantities with fully automated eccentric pressing process.



Our manufacturing process allows us to produce up to 20 mm thick plates.

However, our core competence is in thinner materials, typically starting from 0,05mm up to 10mm in thickness.
We are basically open for any suggestion you might have.

Currently we manufacture metal plates from aluminum, low carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum bronze, tin bronze, and copper.

We have a vast stock of all these materials.
We have taken tool manufacturing and maintenance into our own hands as a strategic decision. Our goal is to keep our customers happy. Always.

If a tool breaks, our tool experts are there right away. They do not only repair and maintain the tools but also manufacture totally new ones as well.

The whole tool process is in our control; design – manufacturing – maintenance – repair.

So, to answer your question: no more extra production downtimes for you.

Example Use Cases

Metal plates are basically everywhere. Most commonly you will find them in the OEM’s but in addition to that, there are various applications in the process industry where these items are needed.

We could share thousands of customer cases within the metal plate manufacturing but below you will find one which we still remember clearly from a decade ago.

A Customer Success Story: A Large Enterprise Client in The United States

One of our customers in the USA reached out to us with an issue of sharp edges and burr in the adjusting plates.

They are a large enterprise and well known across the globe for their high-quality products.

However, the adjusting plates they were using were not satisfactory and up to their standards.

As professionals of different cutting and laser marking processes, we recognised their problem and understood that thinking outside the box is the way to solve our customer’s issue.

We asked them to ship the adjusting plate samples and a gearbox together with their plates they were using at the time.

After receiving the goods, we noticed that our competitor had used dull blades and the marking was far from the quality we are used to.

We made a minor change to the geometrical design but above all the biggest change was made in the cutting and marking process.

As there were various plate thicknesses, we decided that our latest investment at the time, a fibre laser, would be best suited for the job.

The markings were done with a specific laser marking process.

In the end, this world class company received our first-class adjusting plates and their issue was solved.