In HVAC-systems both gaskets and insulation materials are critical components. We have all the solutions you need.

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High-quality Gaskets And Insulation Materials Ensure Quiet And Energy-efficient End Result

The sole purpose of an HVAC- system is to produce fresh, clean air to accommodations, without causing irritating noise.

We are offering a wide range of tested and proven materials to seal HVAC systems and to insulate air-born noise. For sealing purposes we are supplying cellular rubber- and cellular plastic products.

In insulation, we rely on high-quality polyester fibers, recycled polyurethane – and different grades of polyether foams. Many of our customers benefit from using our insulation and sealing products with adhesive surfaces for easy installation and application-specific upholstery to fit the specific end-use.

Fire safety classifications bring another element of requirements we help our customers with.

In our offering, we always have several fire-classified insulation and sealing materials to serve customers from different industries.

From construction to mass transit — we’ve got the solution.

Products we supply for this industry, for example:
Vibration InsulationHeat InsulationThermal InsulationGasket Manufacturing Based on Customer Drawings Or ModelsBracketsPlates