Services To All The Major Industries

Planes, trains, automobiles – and more. Wherever there’s a sealing need, we can design and manufacture a solution that fits the bill.

Whatever industry you operate in, we know your business and the challenges you face like the back of our hand. We have more than 70 years’ experience of delivering world-class products and services to all the major industrial sectors.

Engine & Motor Industry

Each and every one of our customers in the engine and automotive industry have unique sealing requirements. The applications in this industry are often wear intensive with long service intervals.

We design, develop and manufacture solutions to meet these demands. We also provide gaskets for serial production and service part needs.

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Valve Industry

Customers in the valve industry rely on our gasket solutions for everything from water and district heating pipes to process industry and power plant applications.

Manufacturing gaskets for valve industry are all about reliability and safety. For the most sensitive applications we can offer, for example, BAM-certified solutions.

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Energy Industry

With processes becoming ever more complex and environmental restrictions ever tighter, the requirements for sealing applications in the energy industry are more demanding than ever. We’re ready for anything.

By closely following trends in this rapidly evolving industry, we’ve been able to develop innovative solutions that help our customers tackle the unique challenges they face.

For example, we provide products and documentation for nuclear industry and help windmill gear box designers in sealing their applications. Energy is our business.

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Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

Due to the materials handled in this industry, it’s particularly important to select exactly the right sealing solution.

We take our customers’ health and safety issues seriously, therefore our personnel is trained, for example, in hot works and safety.

We have designed and manufactured everything from simple flange gaskets to the most demanding sealing constructions for chemical and petrochemical applications.

Experienced, tested and trusted in your benefit.

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Pulp And Paper Industry

We have just the right tested and evaluated product range for pulp & paper industry. The handling processes in this industry typically require a lot of machine power and various types of automated lines. With this much muscle power in use, you can’t afford for your gaskets to let you down.

Our products have a proven track record of keeping production processes running smoothly in a wide variety of applications including wood and wood chip handling, chemical pulping, bleaching, and paper manufacturing. We even have proved sealing solutions for the more challenging mediums used during the processes like oxygenized white liquor and hydrochloric acid. Also, when necessary, we can make especially large gaskets.

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Marine Industry

With maintenance breaks often being few and far between, sealing solutions in this industry have to be highly durable and able to withstand whatever mother nature throws at them.

With our combination of cost-efficient solutions and professional design expertise, we’ve been successfully serving the demanding requirements of customers across this diverse industry for decades.

Engines, water handling systems, hvac, scrubbers, exhaust systems, lighting systems… You name it.

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Food Processing Industry

You are what you eat, and this is why the materials used on food production lines must be as hygienic as possible and resistant to a wide variety of substances.

And with the increasingly automated nature of production processes, high-quality gaskets that are fit for purpose are critical to ensure continuous production. We offer reliable gaskets in a wide variety of materials approved by independent classification organizations, including the FDA, KTW, and WRAS.

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Mining & Minerals

We offer sealing solutions for every step of the process from excavating, drilling to processing the minerals and more. We understand the entire operation from A to Z – the challenges and demanding conditions which occur i.e. due to the tough work conditions, mechanical stress and chemicals used.

To make your life easier, we answer all the demanding questions by offering better sealing solutions through the every step of the line.

Common types of gaskets supplied to this industry include conveyer belts, skin-packed spare part kits, graphite, spiral wound, serrated, and PTFE-based products.

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Environmental Technology

From developing protection systems for water and sewage disposal, our clientele in the environmental technology industry has expanded into energy technology, environmental chemistry, air pollution control, industrial processes, and recycling solutions.

Healthier indoor air quality and water treatment systems are increasing businesses on the consumer side. We already offer tried and tested solutions for these and more.

Our customers often require sealing solutions to use in connection with alternative energy sources, or novel innovations for existing products. And when they do, they know who to turn to.

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In HVAC-systems both gaskets and insulation materials are critical components. The sole purpose of an HVAC- system is to produce fresh, clean air to accommodations, without causing irritating noise. High quality gaskets and insulation materials ensure a quiet and energy-efficient end result.

We are offering a wide range of tested and proven materials to seal HVAC systems and to insulate air-born noise. For sealing purposes we are supplying cellular rubber- and cellular plastic products. In insulation we rely on high-quality polyester fibres, recycled polyurethane – and different grades of polyether foams. Many of our customers benefit from using our insulation and sealing products with adhesive surfaces for easy installation and application-specific upholstery to fit the specific end use.

Fire safety classifications bring another element of requirements we help our customers with. In our offering we always have several fire-classified insulation- and sealing materials to serve customers from different industries. From construction to mass transit — we’ve got the solution.

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Luminaire industry brings light to our homes and everywhere we go from work to leisure. Diverse applications demand special requirements on gaskets and insulation materials. We offer a selection of working solutions to all of the above mentioned applications and even more.

Our work starts from the designing stage, where we can come up with the optimum gasket design to achieve the IP rating needed. Just let us know the flange geometry, materials and fasteners and we are good to go. Flexible production methods allow us to produce prototype gaskets for the testing within days or even hours. We’ve got the full support for our customers on luminaire certification phase.

To help you get further, we have a thorough material offering starting with basic NR based materials to very advanced UL listed special foams with outstanding performance in low and high temperature applications.

We also offer a full set of insulation materials that’ll prevent your luminaire from spilling the light through spaces in part connections. For safety reasons it’s good to consider protecting the metal parts from accidental disconnected wires by electro insulation films.

Our expertise also covers metal components from electrogalvanized steels. By partnering with TT Gaskets you’ll partner with an experienced solution provider with the designing skills, material knowledge and the latest production technology to make your luminaires reliable, advanced and cost-effective.

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Metal Industry

From the basics of metal industry to vehicle, mechanical engineer, aircraft industry and beyond… Our products are used in most metal industry sectors, although large parts of our customers operate in the ‘heavy’ metal industries.

Gaskets, sealing, insulation, sealing service solutions and more. We can cover it all to help our customers in the metal industry to improve their value chain.

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