Responsible and value-adding family business

TT Gaskets is an independent, Finnish family business est. 1943. The company has been awarded with Subcontractor of the Year 2016, Tampere Entrepreneur of the Year 2015, and several other acknowledgments along the road.

Solution-based entrepreneurship in three generations

The company has been innovating and developing sustainable, progressive solutions throughout its history, while retaining family ownership. Economical growth will be reached for, as it always has been, so that the business can be constantly improved and invested in. Already in third generation, the company is directed by Matti Arpiainen with his son Aleksi Arpiainen.

TT Gaskets started in a challenging situation during the Continuation War in 1943, when Finland needed innovative ammunition-, boot grease-, and especially sealing solutions for the needs of Finnish defence forces. Since those times the company has been acting with the same responsible and relentless attitude to this day.

The responsible owners don’t live in a time of stagnation, but they’re constantly striving to develop the business, so that the company will be financially successful and will retain its viability. The owners’ responsibility also means that they constantly educate themselves, gather knowledge about owning, and reflect themselves critically if they are the best owners from the company’s perspective. The supporting goal is to add value to the business with one way or the other.

No matter how challenging the situation, TT Gaskets will always endeavor for the solution to the problem. Innovative and solution-based operating model has been driving the company forward, and made expanding possible even outside of Finnish borders.

Internationally domestic

Most of the company’s products and services are nowadays exported to i.e. Nordic countries, all over Europe, China and Americas. Although the majority of the products go abroad, the manufacturing has always been kept in Finland, at the company’s hometown Tampere. TT Gaskets is proudly Finnish, and emphasizes domesticity in its operations.

We hold dear to be building the territorial well-being and affect the evolution of Finnish entrepreneur field on our part. Be strongly believe that the secret to international success has always been and always will be the Finnish persistence, reliability, sustainability and client-centeredness.

Certified and responsible employer

The factory at Tampere employs 80 people. The employees’ well-being and overall accountability has always been important for TT Gaskets. We constantly invest to the know-how of our personnel and well-being at work.

We advance these cherished matters by actively operating in the Tampere Business Campus -organization, which focuses Pirkanmaa’s companies’ learning from each other and improving together, and in Perheyritysten liitto (Family Business Union), in which we do lots of active co-operation in both domestic and international levels.

We also believe in different industries’ best practices in developing of our own processes, thus our system has certifications such as OHSAS 18001 (Health and safety), ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environment).

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