We can make shims in various materials according to your desired specifications, custom or standard.


Whether intended for clearance, precision or alignment use, shims are often the pieces that bring the puzzle together. Our job is to make sure your shims fit the bill with precision every time.

We manufacture shims in various materials according to your needs with custom or standard specifications. The shims’ thickness can vary from fractions of a millimeter up to 20 mm. TT Gaskets specializes in super-thin shims with thicknesses ranging from 0,05 to 1,00 millimeters and a variety of different material strengths.

Shims can also be manufactured from laminated sheets with several layers of the same thickness. Individual shims can be packed into kits that can be branded with your logo and company name. Shims can be made from carbon, stainless or acid-proof steel, galvanized iron, brass or aluminum. Laminated sheets are delivered in corresponding materials.



Shims are usually made from metal or laminated sheets and are often used in the fine-tuning phase of an assembly.

They can be used to adjust clearances and alignments that can result from varying tolerances in parts manufacturing. The key function of a shim is to ensure that the parts of a configuration fit together.

The most important aspect to consider are the other materials used in the assembly.

If the requested material is not available in the desired thickness or material width, shims can be manufactured from a compensatory or laminated material.

To make ordering shims as smooth as possible, it helps to have precise information on the number and desired material of the product. Also, information on the tolerances of the assembly is important.

We go through the key features and properties of your installation to ensure that our products meet your needs every time.