Behind the Gaskets | Expert interview: Energetic Export Coordinator tackles challenges head-on

Having worked at TT Gaskets for over 20 years, Export Coordinator Sari Suoniemi is a trusted partner for both our customers and her colleagues. She is often the first point of contact for TT Gaskets’ customers.

Sari Suoniemi

Sari Suoniemi’s main task at TT Gaskets is to ensure that our order process is a success from start to finish. Sari’s colleagues and clients are mostly located outside Finland, and she really enjoys the international atmosphere. She works in close collaboration with customers and production staff, and succeeding in her position requires the courage to quickly react to changing situations.

“I can quickly figure out different options and contact the right person through my extensive experience and expertise. Our production staff understands urgent situations and promptly addresses orders. I like to think that my customers and colleagues consider me a reliable partner. They can always call me if there is a challenging situation that needs to be solved together,” describes Sari.

Despite constant challenges and rapid changes, Sari finds the changing situations and successful problem-solving to be the best part of her work.

“Once, when a ship traveling to Norway needed spare parts for its engine, we arranged the gaskets with our production ex tempore on the same day and flew them to the location. The passengers had no idea that the engine was being repaired while they were exploring the city. We managed to fix the situation, and the journey continued,” recalls Sari.

Changes require courage to embrace the new

Sari is a second-generation member of the TT Gaskets family. Over the years, she has developed a strong connection with customers, the company, and our products. Her career has progressed by seizing interesting opportunities. Sari has studied international trade, logistics, supply chain management, marketing, and tourism. Continuous learning is essential for success in her work.

“I can’t rely on things staying the same in my work. International trade and logistics regulations and official requirements can change even weekly,” she explains.

Twenty years ago, the export share at TT Gaskets was significantly smaller than it is now. The world has opened up to our Finnish customers over the years, and TT Gaskets’ exports are expected to grow by 20 percent within a few years. Sari is not intimidated by these changes.

“TT Gaskets has a tremendous desire to grow and innovate. We keep our doors open for new opportunities, which requires the courage to embrace the new. Such an atmosphere can evoke uncertain feelings, but I personally embrace the opportunities it brings,” she says enthusiastically.

New projects inspire

Sari is involved in developing TT Gaskets’ packaging and shipping functions to become more sustainable. Sustainable development motivates her both in her professional life and personal choices.

“The importance of sustainable development among our customers is constantly growing, and they want to develop sustainable solutions together with us. I want to contribute to the development, and I also prioritize recycling and sustainable choices outside of work,” she explains.

Sari is the go-to person for different digital systems within the workplace. She has been involved in the development and implementation of our new sales system and has trained the team to confidently adopt new systems.

Nature and mindfulness help relax after a hectic workday

To unwind after a hectic workday, Sari focuses on taking care of her body and mind. She values healthy nutrition, yoga, and Pilates. Nature and mindfulness also help balance her mind, and she has taken courses at Tampere University to incorporate mindfulness into her work.

“I love going to the forest; I get my daily dose of the forest with my dwarf spitz every day. Mindfulness has been a great help in calming my mind,” she says.

Sari is equally passionate about travel, self-development, and ice hockey, which she has been involved in since her teenage years.

“When I put on my skates and step onto the ice, that feeling is hard to find elsewhere. I’m no longer actively playing or coaching, but I participate in the Finnish Ice Hockey Association’s board work. When I get on the ice with children every year, it never fails to bring me joy.”