The TT Gaskets’ solar power plant expansion is ready – The sun can now power our entire facility

The expansion of the TT Gaskets solar power plant is finished. Having begun in early summer, the project was finished in target schedule and the new panel field was inaugurated in August 2022.

Aerial photo of the TT Gaskets production facility
Photo: Solnet

After the expansion roughly one fourth of our yearly energy demand can be met with our own solar power. During the sunniest summer months up to 100 percent of our electricity comes from solar panels and no additional energy from the national network is required.

Solar panels now cover the roof and south-facing facade of the TT Gaskets main building almost entirely. Both the original panel field and the expansion were implemented by Solnet.

– There is now a total of over 1,200 panels or 2,500 square meters of panels installed. The new field has 775 panels. Our solar power plant has produced a total of 290 megawatt hours since the summer of 2021, which translates to about 110 metric tons of CO2 emission reductions, TT Gaskets Smart Engineer Jaakko Niukkala highlights.

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See what our solar power plant looks like from above:

Video: Solnet