A patent has been granted to TT Gaskets’ smart gasket!

Gaskets have remained virtually unchanged for the past 150 years. We think that a gasket can be more than just a piece of material cut into shape. Based on this idea, we developed a smart gasket.

TT Gaskets has boldly set out to develop and modernize the manufacture of gaskets. With the help of new technology, we want to bring certainty for the installer to the selection, installation and use of gaskets – to create smarter sealing and a safer tomorrow. Therefore, together with our innovation partners, we are developing a smart gasket. In September 2021, the gasket was granted a patent valid in Finland. Europe-wide patent protection has also been applied.

Smart gasket eliminates human error

As a first step, we developed a remotely readable tag suitable for the installed gaskets. It allows the installer to immediately verify which gasket was installed on the joint. This is important because installing the wrong gasket may cost a company hundreds of thousands of euros if the start of an industrial process is delayed. In the worst-case scenario, the wrong gasket poses a threat to life and the environment.

Traditionally, information about the installed seal has been recorded only on paper. Now the information about the gasket is also saved in a digital form. This allows each flange connection to be identified individually.

The next step is soon complete too. We are developing a remotely readable, disposable surface pressure sensor for the gasket. The sensor can be used to ensure the success of the installation work immediately. The sensor informs whether the surface pressure of the gasket is suitable. This is information is particularly important, as a too low, high, or uneven pressure can cause leaks in the joint.

The aim is to continuously measure the surface pressure

The third stage proceeds in small but sure steps. The goal of the innovation project, called TTG Smart Gasket, is to connect the gaskets to an IoT network of an industrial plant. That is, to create IoG (Internet of Gaskets). Our goal is to enable continuous measurement of the surface pressure of a gasket application, so that the gasket could tell when it’s failing. This would make it possible to improve process productivity and save materials.

The granted patent is yet another indication that our development work is paying off. It’s good to continue from this, doing bold innovations together. Renewing ourselves is an advantage for both us and our customers. With the solutions we have developed, we’ll be able to offer completely new types of services in the future. This will make industrial processes safer and more environmentally friendly.

Read more! The developer of the smart gasket, Smart Engineer Jaakko Niukkala, sheds light on the technology in his Smart Blog: Smarter sealing for a safer tomorrow – Obtaining information of a gasket.