Mobile services enable agile gasket services during industrial maintenance shutdowns

What if maintenance shutdowns in the process industry could be done smarter when it comes to gaskets and other essential components? This is now possible thanks to our deep and lengthy collaboration with leading Finnish maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) companies.

Proactive maintenance, planned shutdowns and renovation projects in various process industry sites ensure a continuous supply of raw materials and essential products for our daily lives. In the Nordic countries, this includes the introduction and increasing production of innovative bio-based products. TT Gaskets’ gasket specification review, agile manufacturing and distribution, as well as consulting, are excellent ways to secure and enhance the progress of maintenance shutdowns.

Flexible industrial shutdown services and mobile manufacturing are particularly relevant right now. There are several reasons for this: the safety and documentation requirements for industrial maintenance shutdowns are becoming stricter, the number of new workers in projects is increasing, and operations are evolving into extensive maintenance and investment projects. Additionally, companies are under pressure to make timely decisions to achieve cost targets and ensure a planned restart of production.

Close collaboration yields the best results

Partnership with TT Gaskets enables a flexible operating model during maintenance shutdowns. Our shutdown services address sealing needs on-site, conveniently and without delays. One of our customers utilizing this opportunity is Borealis Polymers Oy, who have previously used our mobile gasket factory previously and are planning to utilize the TTG Smart Container.

Since we operate near our customers’ production lines and listen closely to each other’s needs, we can jointly respond to unexpected changes. Supporting us in this is our modern gasket factory, which is rapidly developing towards carbon neutrality.

Long-term collaboration creates better opportunities for success as we can use the knowledge from previous years’ maintenance shutdowns and deliveries as a basis for planning and anticipation. Open communication guarantees development on both sides. After a shutdown, one of the most fruitful discussions is the project review session focusing on the project’s successes and development areas.

In the future, our various smart services will hopefully also facilitate various smart field verifications when questions arise about the location of gaskets, post-installation operational conditions, and continuous safety and emission monitoring.

80-year-old TT Gaskets celebrates with the extended family

Close collaboration with our extensive network has been and continues to be the key to TT Gaskets’ long and successful operations. I am pleased to announce that we will be celebrating our 80th anniversary this fall. We feel much younger, and of course, age is just a number 😉

At this point, I would like to thank all our partners and other stakeholders for their ongoing co-operation and continuous development. Let’s celebrate our shared journey this fall on LinkedIn and at our birthday events. In the latter part of the year, we will also participate in trade fairs such as Alihankinta and Elmia.

Wishing everyone a wonderful and relaxing summer!


Aleksi Arpiainen is the CEO of TT Gaskets in the third generation. According to him, the success of a family business is fueled by continuous development and innovation. In the blog, Aleksi sheds light on his thoughts on where the world of gaskets is going.