Great discussions and valuable content at TT Gaskets’ Partner & Hockey Day

TT Gaskets’ Partner & Hockey Day brought our customers to Tampere to network and learn about our latest innovations. Held at our factory for the second time, the event received praise for its great atmosphere and interesting and useful content.

“TT Gaskets is a highly flexible operator despite being a large company. We have utilized their services and products in various ways and have always received help whenever we needed it,” praised Lasse Inget, a participating project planner from Borealis.

For example, in 2017, Borealis benefitted from our mobile gasket factory at their Porvoo location. In late 2023, the company plans to utilize the TTG Smart Container, a customizable storage container service, during a major shutdown.

“We have sent a model gasket from Porvoo to Tampere by car in urgent situations. TT Gaskets has manufactured a new gasket while the car was waiting, and we have immediately received the product we needed,” Inget explained.

Borealis is one of the world’s leading suppliers of advanced and sustainable polyolefin solutions and a pioneer in polyolefin recycling in Europe. The company has been collaborating with TT Gaskets for several years now.

The most modern Nordic gasket factory attracted visitors

Left: Ari Määttä (Etra), right: Lasse Inget (Borealis)

Our Partner & Hockey Day was now organized for the second time. In the morning seminar session, our experts shared updates from TT Gaskets and discussed the latest news and advancements in the gasket industry. The event also provided participants with the opportunity to visit our factory and step inside the TTG Smart Container. The sunny day’s culmination was again a trip to watch an ice hockey World Championship game at Nokia Arena.

Lasse Inget mentioned that the atmosphere during the partner day was excellent. As he had not previously seen the TT Gaskets factory, he eagerly took the opportunity to visit.

“I was not familiar with TT Gaskets’ history in detail, so it was interesting to learn more about it. The company’s plans for the future were also new information to me,” he said.

Inget highlighted the factory’s own solar power plants and the considerable efforts TT Gaskets has made in terms of sustainability as memorable examples.

Impressive presentations by knowledgeable speakers

Ari Määttä from Etra, a specialized technical trade store, was equally satisfied with the day’s content and networking opportunities.

“The presentations were well-prepared and free from consultant jargon. They had substance, and I learned something new from them. My colleague and I found it very worthwhile to attend,” he commented.

Etra, like TT Gaskets, is a family-owned business. Etra is already 90 years old, and TT Gaskets will celebrate its 80th anniversary in the fall.

“We are a Key Flag certified company ourselves and always prefer to buy domestic whenever possible. TT Gaskets is a significant partner for us, and we have been working together for a long time,” Määttä said.

He added that close cooperation benefits both parties. With over 40 locations throughout Finland, Etra can offer TT Gaskets an extensive network of contacts. For Etra, TT Gaskets’ high-quality products, technical support, and expertise are important.

Actively shaping the future together

A great big thank you to everyone who participated in the Partner & Hockey Day event!

“The best part of the customer day was the opportunity to interact with several different customers simultaneously. We have two ears and one mouth for a reason. For us, the day was a great opportunity for active listening,” said Aleksi Arpiainen, CEO of TT Gaskets.

“Our customers’ needs are constantly evolving, and it is important for us to have a continuous understanding of this development. This way, we know how we must progress to remain trustworthy as a partner. Ideas were exchanged actively during the day, and we had the pleasure of envisioning the future together,” Arpiainen concluded.

A great big thank you to everyone who participated in the Partner & Hockey Day event!