Talent Traction pilot program improves TT Gaskets’ HR activities

TT Gaskets had the honor of participating in the recent Talent Traction pilot study program. Organized by TAMK and TE Office, the project’s aim was to study the root causes for barriers in hiring internationals in Finland and try to solve those challenges in participating companies.

Johanna Koivulampi-Howard, Key Account Manager at TAMK and Kati Lammi, Consultant at Enterprise and Training Services Team at TE Services opened the Talent Traction seminar. Photo: Riikka Mölkänen

The Talent Traction students learned about practicalities in working life, the Finnish language and service design. There was also a practical training period in companies, where the companies could learn more about their internationalization stage and receive development ideas from the students.

“This project has helped us to understand the importance of considering the cultural background, language and competencies of candidates and employees, so that they can integrate into our company and Finnish working life,” TT Gaskets’ Human Resources Specialist Sanni Kraneis says.

Student Annika Oravecz did her training at TT Gaskets and praises the practical approach of the education. The education offered her a chance to learn about Finnish work life, offered an opportunity for networking and gave concrete tools for finding a job in Finland.

At TT Gaskets, the program has led to concrete measures. A work-buddy mentoring program, more detailed introduction to work and to the company itself and various joint family activities are examples of how to welcome employees to work at TT Gaskets.

“Reviewing our international capabilities and receiving development ideas from the students has really helped us to develop further our operations”, TT Gaskets’ CEO Aleksi Arpiainen says.