Behind the gaskets | Expert interview: Sales Engineer Jarkko is a passionate problem-solver

Equipped with a strong background in machine design and product development, sales engineer Jarkko Lekkala started at TT Gaskets in April 2022.

– The best part of working in design is diving deep into technical challenges and finding the best possible solution. However, design can be a very lonely line of work, which is at times in contrast with my social and slightly competitive nature. I’m a restless soul at heart: I like my work to be variable and it’s especially nice if it includes travel, Jarkko says.

Driven by a will to develop himself in a varied work environment, Jarkko found himself at TT Gaskets.

– In this job I get to solve problems together with our clients and combine design with human interaction in the best possible way. Every customer case is different and requires tailored solutions. The solution-oriented mentality that I adopted in my previous design positions is a key asset also in sales.

Jarkko’s first weeks have been a crash course in the workings of the gasket industry.

– Of course, I’ve had some previous experience of working with gaskets, but in my earlier positions they have always been only one part of a larger whole. It’s fascinating to dive deep into a new field and gain knowledge from the gasket professionals here at TT Gaskets, Lekkala says.

With a diploma in engineering from the Tampere University of Technology, Jarkko Lekkala originally pursued a career in sports.

– Nowadays sports are a dear hobby of mine. Racket games, bicycling, motocross, gym training and many different endurance sports fill up my free time. As a balancing activity for sports, I also play the guitar, Jarkko lists.