The new gasket material selection tool will be launched at the Subcontracting Fair

The tool under the working name TTG Material Tool is ready for testing and then piloting. TT Gaskets will present the tool facilitating gasket material selection at the Fall 2021 Subcontracting Fair.

The TTG Material Tool is designed to facilitate gasket material selection by providing answers even when TT Gaskets’ vendors are not available. The new tool is the first step towards ecommerce-type thinking.

– The idea is to help in the selection of gasket materials via the Internet, so that the customer gets an answer when they need it, taking into account the conditions of the process and the medium. At the end of August, the operating principle and layout of the tool were presented to the customer. They will start using the tool as soon as the problem areas are resolved, says Smart Engineer Jaakko Niukkala.

Fast product selection via the Internet

The library covers the materials and stock products currently used by the pilot customer, but the tool is to be more widely used both internally and externally as soon as possible. In the future, for example, the tool can directly offer a suitable product from the portfolio once the technical information related to the application is added.

– TTG Material Tool also speeds up our own material selection, as we don’t have to browse everything through the system and the datasheets, but the information is quickly available in visual form instead. It will also be a low threshold contact channel for customers in the future, as it asks the right questions before contacting, and not everything has to be started from a clean slate.

Welcome to the Subcontracting Fair to hear more!