Presenting our new sales engineer Antti Taavila

Myynti-insinöörimme Antti Taavila

– My previous work experience is from big organizations, so I’m excited to see the flexibility and opportunities of a smaller company – and I already have. Things run smoothly without drowning to twists and turns of bureaucracy, Antti says.

Antti has a degree in bio-product and process industry. He’s an engineer who has worked on both process and production development as well as the customer interface. He also has some Lean expertise. At TT Gaskets, his job includes managing some of the domestic clients. Antti enjoys problem solving and feels that he can bring new perspectives to the company, as well as experience on what works and what doesn’t. The beginning of his career in TT Gaskets has gone smoothly for him: there’s a positive vibe at the office and the coffee machine deserves praise too.

Antti will surely be a great help to our customers!