We asked our customers for their opinion: TT Gaskets is responsible, friendly, and honest

TT Gaskets’ customer satisfaction is really good. This was revealed in a ValueScout survey conducted in April–May 2021. We received nearly 100 responses to the survey from our customers, which we are glad about since the responses will help us improve our operations.

About 60 % of the respondents were from Finland and the remaining about 40 % from several different countries. Almost all our Finnish customers were quite satisfied (47 %) or very satisfied (47 %) with us. In other countries, respondents were mostly quite satisfied (50 %) and almost as many said they were very satisfied (43 %). The proportion of neutral respondents in both groups was a few percent.

Most of the respondents are our long-term customers, so we were interested in their willingness to recommend TT Gaskets to others. In this respect, too, the results of the survey were excellent: in terms of the NPS indicator, the willingness of our Finnish customers to recommend us was 60 and that of foreign customers 64.

Developing in desired direction

We conducted our first ValueScout survey in 2018. With a comparable survey in 2021, we found out what changes have taken place in recent years. Eezy Flow Oy was responsible for carrying out the research.

The ValueScout method is used to find out customers’ experiences and expectations. TT Gaskets’ customer experience has developed both in Finland and abroad in accordance with customer wishes.

Based on the results of 2018, we set our goal that the experience of Finnish customers would develop even more towards active, proactive, innovative, and fast as well as positive. Based on the recent results, we have succeeded well and the experience with TT Gaskets has gone in the desired direction. According to Finnish customers, such qualities as responsible, friendly, direct, honest, and careful have been strengthened. They have an even more confident, safer, and more comfortable feeling about doing business with us than before.

Respondents from other countries said that their customer experience has developed very close to the ideal. In addition to the features that Finnish customers associated with TT Gaskets, other countries highlighted, among other things, openness, initiative, and innovation.

Collection of our customers’ comments

”TT Gaskets is already good, definitely one of the best, hard to come up with anything that could be greatly improved.”

”I’m satisfied with TTG’s service, quality, and smooth cooperation as a whole. And the staff is nice, business with them is pleasant.”

”TT Gasket is pretty close to ideal. Admittedly, an ideal doesn’t even exist, but you have a lot of good elements in your package!”

Our staff thinks we are more courageous than before

On both occasions, our staff also participated in the ValueScout survey. Between 2018 and 2021, the employees’ experience with TT Gaskets became clearly bolder: the pioneer and the innovative were associated with the nature of the company, and the most important features were responsibility and activity.

A confident and comfortable and warm-hearted feeling were new adjectives in the emotional experience. The staff perceives TT Gaskets as a confident player and appreciates it.