Sustainability – Super Electric Sound from the Underground

Hybrid and electric cars have been a hot topic in the media. States and unions are using different means to support electrification. Cars are important for achieving sustainability, but electric drives have progressed for decades underground.

Diesel is a fumy powerhouse

And I literally mean underground, as the mining industry has strong incentives to electrify its operations. At least our company van has a powerhouse diesel engine. But it has a major downside – exhaust fumes. The fumes are not healthy for you and the carbon balance of our atmosphere. But especially underground they will kill the canary and put out the candle on your helmet. 

HVAC slurps energy

To put this into perspective – HVAC in the mines use 25 % of total energy consumption. So, there’s plenty of room for improvement. Luckily mining companies are trying to tackle this challenge with two different strategies.  

Electricity and automation – my favorites

Electric drives naturally reduces the need for ventilating exhaust fumes. Automation reduces the need even more as less people are working in the mine. The benefits are so evident that some machines are now run with a cable. Battery technology still lacks behind the requirements. 

Cables are hopefully a makeshift solution as battery technology develops. And innovations such as automatic battery changer are put to use. Thanks to automation, pictures of people with pickaxes and messy faces are finally put into the history books once and for all. 

Even though diesel engines are a strong competence for us at TT Gaskets, we are more than happy to provide novel solutions for more sustainable mining industry. Or as we put it, Smarter Seals for a Safer Future.