Anti-counterfeit – Security Is in the Eye of the Beholder

If you happen to have a bill, passport or a driver’s license with you, have a closer look at it. Take a moment to appreciate all the security details the experts have designed on that. You probably haven’t noticed them at all before this, or at least you don’t know all the details there are. And because of our lazy eyes, counterfeit money is fairly easy to pass through our fingers before the bills get caught in the inspection device on checkouts.

Lazy eyes and indifference towards security

Our lazy eyes are one of the reasons why some security details won’t work on their own. No matter how difficult the hologram is to copy, it doesn’t matter if we don’t recognize the difference from a scanned copy. The hologram or some other security detail should therefore be easily recognizable with a quick look. 

The other reason why security details won’t work on their own is if we don’t care about them. We just buy the cheapest one from the market that distantly looks the same as the original. And this indifference is much harder to cope with than laziness. 

Therefore, the biggest threats of for example spare part business are our laziness and indifference towards the parts. Why bother to buy originals, if the counterfeit ones are cheaper and seem to work fine.

Counterfeit-free future

However, we at TT Gaskets take this issue seriously before something irreversible happens due to counterfeit parts. Our target is that in the future our end customers cannot use counterfeit gaskets and shims in their machinery and processes. This is done by embedding technology in our products and packages. 

If you feel that counterfeits are an issue in your industry or business, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can offer you concrete solutions to start your journey towards smarter and safer future, counterfeit-free.

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Some of the counterfeits are difficult to identify