TTG Smart Lab – The Weather Turns Cold but Our Ideas Into Gold

Already/Just six months have passed since the first Smart Talk by TT Gaskets. A lot/Not much has happened during that period. I’ll let everyone decide their own opinion. Even I’m not sure whether the progress has been faster or slower than expected. But after a brief vacation I’m again full of energy to tackle the challenges ahead. 

Something from (nearly) nothing 

Following the progress of R&D in the short term is not even sensible as developing something completely new takes time. Most of the time it feels like basically nothing happens during a day or a week, but a whole lot of nearly nothing creates something in the long run. And instead of small steps they are usually more of leaps. 

And as we started from basically nothing a little over a year ago in this Smart thing, the development has been easy to see. One example of this progress is the submission of our first Smart patent a few months ago, after a year of work. Hopefully the patent office gives a thumbs up, because we can’t wait to start to change the course of static sealing. And even if they don’t, we are still starting the first pilot tests soon as we got the latest prototype set a few days ago. 

Autumn is the new beginning 

Changes happen usually twice a year. Official changes and diets are scheduled to the beginning of the year and semesters, new hobbies, tv-shows etc. begin after the summer. Our target is therefore to take next steps in the forthcoming Autumn. On top of the pilot tests, we are also planning to chart new possibly interested customers and new partners. We are also starting the expansion of our facility this year. Hopefully we are then ready to make some official changes in January 1st or at least after the summer 2020.

And as always, if you have any ideas or issues considering technology and/or gaskets, feel free to contact us and we will find a way to co-operate. Even though we have already planned a few potential partnerships in this Smart field in the near future, there’s always room for more. Remember that we are here to provide you with Smarter Gaskets for Safer Future.

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Creating new takes time and effort