TTG Smart Lab – Changing The Course of Static Sealing

We at TT Gaskets have decided to changethecourse of staticsealing. No more, no less. But why and how we are planning to do it? 

As we all know, the purpose of seals has remained the same throughout centuries. The seal should keep medium from leaking as well as possible. The principle has also been the same in the 150 years of industrial gasket manufacturing. The materials have changed through the decades, but nothing new has basically been introduced.

World-class is not enough

As an independent and small gasket manufacturer, we cannot compete with low prices and high volumes. To this day we have succeeded especially with clever design, high quality and flexible production. We are still world-class in these aspects, but they just don’t give enough edge anymore. We have noticed that nothing but change is constant.

Therefore, we have decided to serve our customers even better, in unprecedented ways. We want to create lasting wow-effects and solve problems together. And to serve this purpose we have launched a new R&D&I department TTG Smart Lab.

Co-operative development

TTG Smart Lab is an agile developer and accelerator of ideas and innovations that create win-win between customers, partners and our self. With close and interactive co-operation, we can tackle challenges that require knowledge from different sectors of technology. Networking and removing barriers between operators are also important in our operation. 

And again, all this may sound like blowing hot air, but first pilots and field tests are starting this autumn. There’s also more to come in the forthcoming months. If our promises sound too good to be true, feel free to contact us. TT Gaskets and TTG Smart Lab are here to help you create smart ideas for gaskets.

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Ideas turn into innovations with co-operation