Special Inks – Mood Rings and Lemon Juice

You have probably heard of mood ring, at least if you happen to be a bit more mature. For the ones who don’t know what it is, it is briefly a ring that changes color according to the temperature of the wearer’s finger. Different colors of the ring are supposed to represent the mood of the person, but I’m a bit skeptical about the scientific background of this measure. But what has a mood ring to do with anything?

Neat little gadget

Despite the debatable physiological science behind the mood ring, it is actually a clever little gadget. The functioning of the ring is based on thoroughly researched chemical or physical reactions that can be accurately measured and adjusted. Similar effects are used in mugs and beverage cans indicating the temperature of the liquid inside. I wonder if there’s more in this than just neat little features on things we use every day…

Lemon juice trick and spy movies

Another surprisingly interesting trick most of us has heard of is to use lemon juice to write on paper. It is difficult to notice anything but a wet paper in room temperature, but when you bake it for a while in an oven, the text magically becomes visible. It probably doesn’t amaze you, but at least it does the trick for kids. 

Again, these DIY invisible inks are used only in spy movies and birthday parties of 8-year-olds. And the functionality of them is nowhere near the movies, even though they have really been used among spies and special forces in war. But usually as the last straw, not routinely. Still, there might be something to this idea…

TTG wearing mood rings and writing with lemon juice

We at TT Gaskets are not afraid of thinking outside the box and saying out loud our thoughts that may sound silly at first. Even childish tricks and gadgets can provide something useful after thorough research and brainstorming. If you got interested in why we wear mood rings and write our documents with lemon juice, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for more info. We are here for you to provide Smarter Gaskets for Safer Tomorrow.

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