RFID – Our cup of tea?

The word productive was a large motivator for my M.Sc. thesis, I managed to wrap up in November. The thesis considered the possibilities of RFID technology in our field of industry, and especially how it could enhance the performance of both our and our customer’s business. N.B. The abbreviation RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and the technology is used e.g. for the contactless payment in our credit cards. But how exactly would RFID technology provide productivity?

Unfortunately, that is still exclusive info, but hopefully, soon enough we’ll have something to tell. On the other hand, if you think about increasing productivity, you’ll figure out that it must have something to do with saving time, money or both. And usually, the easiest way of saving time (and money) is to do things correctly in the first place. That is the sweet spot we are trying to hit with our new solution(s).

Saving time, money and nerves

Last time I gave you an example where I and my colleague were collecting a large number of products from the warehouse and started wondering how something could be done differently to save time, money and nerves. We came into a conclusion that searching and counting the products were the most time-consuming tasks. I also gave a few examples of technologies that could help us.

RFID needs to be added to this list as well. It provides possibilities for error-reduction and automation which are vital keys for increasing productivity and safety. RFID is not a panacea, but it deserves its place in the development toolbox. And I think we are on our way to find the right purposes for it. Most importantly, we have started the journey and with pleasure would like to ask you to join us!

macro photography of black circuit board