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Whatever your sealing need and whatever industry you operate in, we’ve got you covered.

Gaskets of all shapes and sizes with short lead times, metallic products in the full range of materials and thicknesses, or high-quality insulation and sealing solutions – exactly what you need, when you need it.

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Designing for our customer—from standard to made to measure
We can make gaskets in all shapes and sizes. The easiest and safest way to get the right gasket for the right application is to tell us the medium, temperature and internal pressure of the application.

Our technical knowledge, decades of experience and close contacts with material manufacturers guarantee that we can make the gasket you need from the best suitable material.

If the gasket is bigger than the sheet size, our modern and highly precise manufacturing processes also allow us to make very large gaskets in segments.

Our Gasket Offering Includes:

Flange Gaskets

(acc. standards, e.g. EN 1514-1, SFS 4378, DIN 2690)
Gasket Manufacturing Based on Customer Drawings Or Models

Gasket Manufacturing Based on Customer Drawings Or Models

Gaskets With Metal Eyelets

Gaskets With Metal Eyelets

Spiral-wound Gaskets

Spiral Wound Gaskets

(e.g. EN 1514-2, DIN 2699)
Camprofile Gaskets

Camprofile Gaskets

(e.g. EN 1514-6, DIN 2697)
Metal-jacketed Gaskets

Metal-jacketed Gaskets

(e.g. EN 1514-7)
Corrugated Semi-metallic Gaskets

Corrugated Semi-Metallic Gaskets

(e.g. EN 1514-4)
Rubber Metal Gaskets

Rubber Metal Gaskets

Pressed Metal Gaskets

Pressed Metal Gaskets

Envelope Gaskets

Envelope Gaskets

(e.g. EN 1514-3)

A Wide Range of Gasket Materials

Gasket manufacturing process is made easy for our customer by having most of the materials in stock in our warehouse.

The key for  a better gasket is to select the right material for the right use. One of our strengths is that we are able to offer almost all commonly known commercial materials.

The most common gasket materials used are various metals, graphites, PTFE-based materials, fiber materials, rubbers, plastics and cellular materials.

By being an independent company, we can assure you the best possible material is selected for your application every time.

Better material selections—better value for you.


Selecting the correct packing for the right use is the key—we help you do so. Just tell us the medium, temperature, pressure and the rotating speed of the application.

Packings are used, for example, in centrifugal and piston pumps, valves, mixers, grinders and filters, to rotating and pivoting axles. The packing can be square or round in shape, with a diameter starting from 3 millimetres.

PTFE, carbon and graphite packings are included in our range, and these are supplied off the shelf. Other packings are delivered ex-works.

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Seal kits

We manufacture practical, high-quality seal kits and individually packed products according to the customers’ needs.

A modern skin packing line enables flexible delivery both in small or big batches.

Seal kits can be used in spare part sales, directly in the production lines or as comprehensive spare part kits that can be easily taken by the technician to the service site.

You Choose How Many Gaskets To Include In The Kit

One or more, you choose. We can pack gaskets individually one by one or put as many gaskets in one seal kit as you need.

Individual deliveries

Customer’s name and logo can be printed on the packing cardboard used in the kits. According to customers needs, installation instructions and parts list are included in the package. The durable high-quality plastic used in the packages guarantees excellent protection for the products also during transition and in storage.

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The Right Gasket Choice Can Save Your Money

Finding the right gasket material for the right use can be complicated. We’ll make it easy for you.

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