Gasket Manufacturing Based on Customer Drawings or Models

Gasket Manufacturing Based on Customer Drawings or Models

We concentrate on delivering the best possible solutions for our customers. In some cases, it means designing and manufacturing custom gaskets.

All unique custom solutions are always fully adjusted to meet your requirements.

The manufacturing is based on your drawings, models, or on calculations made using our video measuring devices.


Custom-made Gaskets

Yes. We do need a drawing. If you don’t have a drawing of your own, we can make a drawing based of an old gasket.

Alternatively, you can cut the shape of the gasket you need from paper and specify the material.
The best would be to receive your drawings in .dxf or .dwg -format.
When we receive your sample gasket for the first time, we will make a cutting program and save it to our database.

Then we can manufacture the same gasket again and again without a sample.
The limitation when manufacturing a one-piece gasket is the sheet size of the raw material used.

If dovetailed joints are allowed for the final use, there are no limitations for the size of the gasket.

Use Case Examples

You can use custom-made gaskets in many different applications. To give you a better idea, we’ve featured example use cases below from a Valve and a Transformer.

Custom made gaskets for valves. Contact us.


There are several different kinds of gaskets in one valve.

In a valve, the sealing element can be rubber, PTFE, or steel. Manufactured according to your drawings.

Between the gasket bodies, there is a flat sealing and a shaft that must also be sealed.

All gaskets are specially custom-made according to your needs.


A lot of rubber cork gaskets are needed in a transformer. Those gaskets are made according to your drawings.

Some of the gaskets are large in size, and must therefore be manufactured in parts with dovetailed joints.

Custom rubber cork gaskets and more for transformers. Contact us.