We modernized our waterjet cutting with the latest technology in the industry

April 23, 2021

TT Gaskets is currently seeking momentum for international growth. We are determined to create new capabilities. Our production is undergoing a wide variety of changes as we take small and big steps toward our goals. Among other things, we modernized our waterjet cutter as part of our overall development.

Our comprehensive reform program began in 2020 and will continue until the end of year 2022. In particular, our aim is to accelerate lean production, efficient plant flow and improve our manufacturing efficiency. An important part of the reform program is raising the level of product automation and therefore modernizing one of our waterjet cutters. Most of our machinery is modern but the FinJet 6 waterjet machine needed significant changes.

– Now the machine is easier and more comfortable to use, since the manual adjustments were replaced by automated ones. When the cutting settings were adjusted manually, we couldn’t always execute exactly what we wanted. Thanks to the modernization the drawing became easier, the risk of errors has been minimized and the material can be utilized with less loss, says Jenni Virta, Work Planner at TT Gaskets.

– The modernization of the waterjet cutter also improved work safety and environment. It’s no longer necessary to climb on the machine, which had to be done several times a day. Also the noise in the production facilities was clearly reduced by placing the machine in a sound-proof booth.

Long cooperation in the development of water cutting

The modernization was carried out by Muototerä, who manufactured the waterjet cutter and has been a partner of TT Gaskets since the 1980s. Cooperation in water cutting technology and its development has continued for more than 30 years.

– We have a good relationship where the best thing is strong trust on both sides. We are two family-owned companies that share similar values, such as long-term business development. As a system supplier, we offer TT Gaskets the latest technology and know-how. Thanks to their wishes we develop and stretch to even better implementations in return. Among other things during the cooperation, we have thought about how to combine high-pressure technology and automation, says Risto Kallio, Managing Director of Muototerä.

– In the modernization of the waterjet cutter 6, TT Gaskets had a clear vision, for example on of how quickly and accurately the machine should operate. The project proceeded with determination, and the old technology was update to this day. Now the waterjet cutter can be worked for several more years or even decades, he estimates.

TT Gaskets invested in SWG manufacturing

April 4, 2021

The product family of our spiral wound gaskets expands again! TT Gaskets invested in two machines, which now allow us to offer gaskets tailored to your needs on a fast schedule – manufactured and assembled in just a day.

Dimensionally accurate to all applications

The investment in both horizontal and vertical machines continues TT Gasket’s determined work to increase our product range of gaskets. Semi-automatic, EU-made machines bring new opportunities for both us and our customers.

– We will continue to keep an extensive stock of standard-sized spiral wound gaskets. Now we are also able to make small batches of gaskets ourselves according to the customer’s drawings, material choices and standards, says product innovation director Petri Lehtinen.

The new machines produce spiral wound gaskets from small DN15 size up to 4000 millimeters in diameter. The gasket is optionally equipped with an outer guide ring or inner support ring – or both. Our high-quality products resist extreme temperatures, pressures and chemicals even in most challenging conditions.

Fast delivery shortens downtime

TT Gaskets spiral wound gaskets are used in power plants, pulp mills and the chemical industry, to name a few. Now we can also serve OEM customers with our own production, such as engine factories and pump of valve manufacturers. Thanks to previous investments, the product family of semi-metal gaskets also covers the production of camprofile and metal-jacketed gaskets.

– Depending on material choices, we can manufacture the needed gasket in a day. Factory maintenance time shortens, and unnecessary downtime reduces. Thanks to shorter logistic distances, we can serve a wide range of industries in Finland and elsewhere. The finished spiral wound gasket can even be delivered the next day it was ordered, sales director Matti Salo promises.

Environmentally friendly method

We at TT Gaskets have reason to be happy: domestic work increases, logistics become easier, and the product family expands. The new machines also support our company’s environmental thinking. The spiral wound gaskets are wrapped from a thin strip, thus minimizing material loss. Dimensionally accurate gaskets meet even the most demanding safety standards.

– The versatile material storage includes clear materials such as AISI 316, AISI 321, AISI 347 or Monel 400. Graphite is usually used as a sealing filler. Whether you need an exceptionally sized gasket with fast delivery or a twenty-piece delivery batch of basic gaskets, get in touch!