Meet TT Gaskets at Alihankinta Virtual in December, 2020

Because of the pandemic, this year the Subcontracting Trade Fair (Alihankintamessut) is a virtual event held 8–10th December.

TT Gaskets is a part of this virtual online trade fair, and you can meet us online there from wherever the world you are.

Log in to the Trade Fair networking service to participate:

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How does the Virtual Subcontracting Trade Fair work?

The Virtual Subcontracting Trade Fair is held 8–10th, December.

The virtual Subcontracting Trade Fair opens at 8am on Tuesday, Dec 8th and closes at Midnight on Thu, Dec 10th.

There will be a “Network Corner” where you can network and “meet” people. The Network Corner will be made available with Brella, which is a virtual event platform. You need to login to Brella in able to meet us there.

The info on how to login to meet us there will be added later.

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I don’t want to use Brella, can I still set up a meeting with you?

Yes, definitely.

We have made our own form below which you can use to setup a meeting with us. Just fill in your info and we will get back you. We use different video meeting platforms like Teams where you can meet us too.

Alihankinta Virtual - Subcontracting Fair

Some of our services you can learn more about at The Virtual Meeting

Our New Remote Smart Gasket System

Does restarting the process after maintenance cause sleepless nights? Wondering if everything has definitely gone according to plan?

You no longer have to guess if the right gasket is installed correctly in the right place.

TTG Smart Gasket also enables secure remote detection of the seal even between the flanges, no need for a flashlight anymore.

The tags also allow you to monitor the stock balance of the seals in real-time. In the near future, an ingenious sensor design will ensure the successful installation of the seal. In the future, you can also constantly monitor the condition of the seals using IoG (Internet of Gaskets).

TTG Smart Tracking

Is Spare Parts Sales an important part of your business? Are you worried about fake parts using your name or would you like to make sure your products end up in the right hands?

With TTG Smart Tracking, you can verify the authenticity of your spare parts and track their location worldwide. Based on the unique identifier on the spare parts packaging, your customer can also verify the authenticity of the spare part.

The webpage that opens from the tag makes it easy to add additional product information, such as installation instructions or contact information for additional orders.

Fast Track Service

With our Fast Track Service, you can get selected products manufactured, and shipped to you within 24 hours from confirmed order.


Flange Gasket Assembly training program

We offer an EN 1591-4 certified Flange Gasket Assembly training program together with Tampere Adult Education Centre (TAKK). This training program enables you and your employees to become EN 1591-4 certified, qualified flange gasket assemblers.

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