Shutdowns – Saving time means saving money

We have all heard the phrase “time is money”. It originates from the 1700s and has since become a guiding force in our economy. Everything we do is measured in either time or money which (according to the saying) essentially mean the same thing.

In the long run, more time means more money. This is true in investing where compound interest is said to be the 8th wonder of the world. In our daily lives though, less time means more money, as time saved in a task can be used for something else, preferably something productive.

Lost production is lost in the short and long run

From the TT Gaskets perspective, the effect of saving time is clearly visible in process industry shutdowns.

Whether the shutdowns are planned or unexpected, an hour of lost production in a plant may cost hundreds of thousands of euros. This then affects both short-term and long-term finances, as well as the number of emails and phone calls received. It also highlights the importance of gaskets as a missing gasket worth a couple euros may delay the ramp-up of an entire production line.

Be prepared for the unexpected

To reduce the number of unnecessary emails and phone calls during a shutdown, we have noticed that planning and preparation are key. This also includes preparing for the unexpected.

A scheduled maintenance is naturally the preferred option for all parties, and this is something we have had great experiences with since 2015. Over the years our service and readiness for shutdowns have developed and are still improving.

Gaskets on hand 24/7

Our TTG Smart Container service has proven to be an effective solution for pre-planned gasket needs. It is a mobile gasket stock inside a 20-foot sea container that can be delivered wherever needed. The items and stock levels are planned together with the customer, preferably a year or so in advance to ensure cost-effectiveness of the items, but in some urgent cases we have set up a Smart Container in only a matter of weeks.

After delivery, the stock is available 24/7 with self-service and the items are invoiced and restocked according to consumption. In major shutdown cases a customer servant is also available. The longest period of use for the stock was over 2 years and the shortest so far has been 4 weeks.

On-site gasket manufacturing

We also have a couple tricks up our sleeve for responding to unwanted but unavoidable surprise needs. Our recommended option is the TTG Mobile Factory, a movable small-scale gasket manufacturing unit built in a 40-foot container.

The unit can cut flat gaskets from sheets and refurbish camprofile and spiral wound gaskets according to dimensions, drawings and models. This capability has proven its worth repeatedly as a single gasket can be manufactured in a matter of mere minutes. The service has been carried out in co-operation with our partner, but in a couple of months we’ll also have a manufacturing unit of our own.

Speed is of the essence

In addition to the Mobile Factory, we also offer a Fast Track service for 24-hour express deliveries. In shutdown cases this is especially helpful if more than just a few gaskets are needed, or the geometry is difficult to recreate on-site. We can, for example, reverse engineer a model with our measuring devices easily and manufacture as many items as needed with precision and efficiency. Our record time is 38 minutes from the customer call to delivery, but unfortunately this is not always possible.

To ensure hassle-free shutdowns, at least gasketwise, we at TT Gaskets warmly recommend considering and trying our services. Let us take care of the gaskets and provide you with Smarter Sealing for a Safer Tomorrow so you can concentrate on saving time and money somewhere else.