TT Gaskets selected in Circular Design pilot – New training program produces sustainable solutions for the future

Finland is paving the way for circular design in companies with a unique training program. Circular Design – a path towards circular economy is the first national training program deep-diving into circular design principles and focusing on generating concrete product and service concepts to secure companies’ competitive advantage in the biggest market transition of our time.

50 Finnish companies were chosen to participate in the program, among them Stora Enso, UPM, Mirka, Kiilto – and TT Gaskets.

– This is truly group of pioneers. The program is a catalyst for a new way of thinking about business practices and targets, and I hope it will generate new ideas and operating models in key sectors. The pilot is a part of Finland’s national strategy program for circular economy, senior ministerial adviser Taina Nikula from the Finnish Environmental Protection Department says.

Ability to compete is rooted in sustainable choices

A key circular economy concept is finding solutions that truly improve the state of our environment instead of merely minimizing negative impacts. Circular economy entails that products and services are not designed for just one end user in mind. Instead, new solutions need to be designed to function in broader contexts and produce more value through multiple lifespans and users.

Circular economy has a key role in TT Gaskets’ responsibility work, and we are continuously searching for new ways to reduce waste and reuse the scrap raw material in our production. Developing our operations together with trustworthy suppliers plus continuously optimizing our cutting materials have been at the core of our company for decades. Lifecycle design and circular economy ideology are clearly a rising trend among our customers and other stakeholders as well.

– Being a part of the pilot is an excellent opportunity to develop our company together with circular economy pioneers, plus find best practices and knowledge that we can apply to our business. The participants are a varied group of fine companies, many of whom are also our customers. The training’s timing couldn’t be better regarding the goals set in our responsibility program, and we are already eagerly awaiting close-knit collaboration and discoveries in circular economy together, TT Gaskets’ Quality and Lean Manager Matti Järvinen highlights.

The pilot program is implemented by Design Forum Finland and Ethica Oy under the guidance of the Finnish Ministry of the Environment with partners VTT, SYKE, Sitra, Frankly Partners, Miltton and Alice Labs.