Behind the Gaskets | Expert interview: Senior purchaser Matti Alasuvanto is at home in unexpected situations

Senior purchaser Matti Alasuvanto oversees TT Gaskets’ raw material acquisition. He is also an expert in making sure that our customers succeed in their material choices.

The TT Gaskets nomenclature includes over 3,500 different raw material options. The procurement and logistics of these materials is Matti Alasuvanto’s everyday business.

– My job is to make sure that our customers have the right raw materials available at the right time, right price and right place. The goal is to ensure service security and keep our clients happy, Matti lists.

­­Matti’s workdays include handling offer requests, orders and assessments as well as continuous metric analysis. He is a valued problem solver and specialist when sudden material sourcing or recommendation needs arise.

– This job often features sudden and unexpected situations which is why it’s useful to have plenty of previous experience to lean on. I love it when I can tackle a challenge that has previously remained unsolved, Matti says.

Problem solving and nerves of steel

Purchasing has been Matti’s bread and butter since 1998. He considers procurement an interesting field thanks to its versatility and continuous learning possibilities. His passion for purchasing may be at least partially inherited: Matti’s father worked in purchasing and logistics for half of his career.

– My original plan was to stay at TT Gaskets for five years or so. However, I’ve really enjoyed this job and have been able to develop my role that I’ve now been here close to 12 years, Matti says.

With no shortage of duties, Matti’s days can be quite hectic.

– I calculated that I received approximately one job or request every 160 seconds on average in 2021. Great organizing skills, creativity, quick problem-solving and nerves of steel come in handy in my line of work, Matti says.

Jogging around his hometown Pirkkala, playing basketball and his astronomy hobby bring a much-needed balance in Matti’s everyday life.

Continuous development and lifelong learning

In addition to his wide-ranging work, Matti has developed his expertise by completing degrees, qualifications, courses, and other studies in both Finnish and international universities. Matti is grateful that TT Gaskets has provided versatile options for personal development.

Staying up to date on the latest technologies and methods requires continuous learning, but at the same time Matti highlights the importance of his core competence.

– Software robotics, machine learning and IIot (Industrial Internet of Things) are examples of new technologies that can truly streamline purchasing. However, I’ve learned that before you can take advantage of digitalization and other new applications you must have a solid foundation – those tried-and-true principles and processes that I’ve practiced since the 1990s.

Matti gives nothing but praise for the TT Gaskets community.

– Our truly skilled production employees and teams work seamlessly across department boundaries. I’ve made several great friends while working at TT Gaskets.