TT Gaskets at the Swedish Elmia Subcontractor trade-fair

Elmia Subcontractor event is the leading subcontractor fair in Northern Europe. The fair has up to 1,200 exhibitors from about 30 countries. Elmia will be held in Jönköping, Sweden from Tuesday to Friday, November 9–12, 2021.

This year, the Elmia trade-fair will introduce products and components as well as manufacturing methods, materials, tools and organizations and their services. TT Gasket’s Sweden’s sales managers Mattias Englund and Tommy Wennerberg are there to present our new development projects.

As at the Finnish Subcontracting Fair, our main theme is responsibility and related intelligent innovations and gasket solutions for future needs. For example, TTG Smart Gasket is a service for identifying, monitoring, and measuring gaskets, and TTG Smart Tracking prevents counterfeiting through spare parts tracking.

Come and say hello to Mattias and Tommy at the fair – see you in your stand A04:24!